Wants Asian language support on a Windows XP Home Edition, but no CDs

By jean.philippe.lagrange ·
I have recently bought a PC which came with Windows XP Home Edition pre-installed (actually the French XP Edition Familiale).

I would like to add support for Asian languages, to be able to type in Japanese. However, when I try to configure the system, Windows asks for files it can't find in the autoinst\winxp\i386 directory (such as c_20290.nls and others), and asks me to insert the XP CD.. I don't have.

Apparently this option had not been preloaded, so that I am stuck.

Is there any way to add the missing files without purchasing a separate Windows copy????


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Thanks but it is not

Thank you for this prompt contribution

However this package is not the one intended for the main languages, including the main Asian languages.
It provides support for Catalan localized Windows and a few others, not an IME like facility for a Windows XP user to type in Japanese characters.

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Oh yes it is, but if you can't be bothered to read ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thanks but it is not

You'll never find it.

The page I am referring to bears a Microsoft warning:


So, not wishing to attract any more M$ misery than I already have, I posted the link for the 'Page Before The Page'.

If you read the page I gave you the link to, you can click onward to another page that contains a 112MB download for Japanese.


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Then how to proceed???

Well, I did see the 'Windows XP Embedded Language Packs' link, and donwloaded the LANGJPN.EXE file.

However after extracting files, the Import Instructions read:
1. Download LANGJPN.EXE
2. Extract LANGJPN.EXE and save to a location on your local machine
3. Open Component Database Manager
4. On the Database tab, choose Import.
5. In the SLD file box, type the path to the .sld file you would like to import. To browse for the file, choose the button to the right of the box.

This is so far from usual packages that I have though that I was in something else. My apologies if I missed the point.

I tried to find some help on how to open this Component Database Manager, but don't know yet. Well I will keep looking for some help as for this Component Database Manager.


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I am now encountering DEAD M$ links ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Then how to proceed???

Which is decidedly odd, given the warning that exists on the 'preceding' page.

Every which way I go - the link doesn't.

Maybe another peer will know more.


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These links are stil there

I have checked and can still access these links. Some proxy trouble on your side?

However, the Japanese language file seems to relate to a Windows XP Embedded version of Windows, not to a Home Edition.

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XP embedded needs to be installed

Well, after some time spent on reading what relates to the Component Database Manager, I have come to the conclusion that I need to first install Windows XP embedded extension, and then I will find the access to this Database Manager under All Programs>Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio...

Quite a way to go! I wonder if this is really the best way to proceed...

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