War Linux (Dual Boot)

By avann2006 ·
I want to dual boot XP and War Linux on my laptop, but Im having trouble creating a War Linux CD. Im kind of a newb at linux, but I've successfully created and dualbooted Ubuntu on my current machine. I used Infrarecorder to burn both War Linux and Ubuntu. Ubuntu worked, War Linux didn't.


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Sorry War Driving and other criminal like activity isn't supported here

by OH Smeg In reply to War Linux (Dual Boot)

By the TR Peers.

As War Linux only has 1 use it's not hard to guess what you want to try.

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Never heard of it

by wancona In reply to War Linux (Dual Boot)

What exactly is War Linux? Never heard of it.

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by aSy In reply to War Linux (Dual Boot)

You should get a vasectomy, don't let the humanity pay twice for the error your father should never make.

Now seriously, don't mess with that crap, if you want all your friends to be scared of you, get a mask, an icepick, get naked and run all around the block.

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Same as other Linux distributions

by deity_chooch In reply to War Linux (Dual Boot)

It should be the same process as the Ubuntu <acronym title="Compact Disc">CD</acronym>: download the <acronym title="International Organization for Standards">ISO</acronym>, burn that as an image to a <acronym title="Compact Disc">CD</acronym>, insert into your <acronym title="Compact Disc">CD</acronym>-<acronym title="Read-Only Memory">ROM</acronym> drive, and install. Perhaps you have a bad <acronym title="Compact Disc">CD</acronym> or <acronym title="International Organisation for Standards">ISO</acronym> image.

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Yay! A reply that didn't come from a self-righteous ******!

by avann2006 In reply to Same as other Linux distr ...

Yeah, thats what I figured. I guess it is a bad iso image.

Thanks for your help!

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