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By nerdygeek007 ·
i am looking for a mobile workstation that will be used in a warehouse. The person will have to go anywhere in the warehouse and stay connected to a WLAN and have a UPS/ Battery Min autonomy of 3-4 hours. Thanks

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In a warehouse i would recommend the toughbook...

Long lasting battery life and also with so much going on in the warehouse you do not know what is going to happen, better safe than sorry they say, so to me i would get a laptop that can take the knocks and bumps of everyday life.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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is there a company that sell a rolling desk with PC (not laptop)

by nerdygeek007 In reply to In a warehouse i would re ...

Hi thanks Peconet. I have thinked of a laptop before thought it was not the tough book.
Is there a PC integrated in a mobile desk? The boss think a PC is better than a laptop because it cannot be stolen easily.
I heard that a company sells the PC integrated in a mobile desk but i google-ed in vain.

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Intermec makes all sorts of ruggedized computers

by robo_dev In reply to is there a company that s ...

They make both vehicle mount and handheld stuff. Most truly rugged vehicle-mount computers use a solid-state drive, no spinning hard drive.

At Home Depot stores, they either use an Intermec CV-60 touch-screen computer on a cart, or an Xplor Technologies touchscreen on a cart.

Another player in this space is Psion Teklogix.


You typically just bolt the tablet PC or workstation to the cart. Many carts have a big battery to power whatever is on it.

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I have not seen any of these before,,

To me they are to chunky and can be too awkward to move around, plus being in warehouse with forklifts and other moving objects this can cause a problem. When i have done warehouse work all i had was a PDA with all the info i needed, small and light in weight. The issue of things being pinched or nicked was not an issue because what was in place, a sign in and out system of where we had to sign in a book use the device and then sign it back in. If the device went missing (which it did not) then not only did that person had to pay for it, you got a good telling off, also your job was at risk, so no problem. Everybody did their work and everything was ok. It depends on what kind of work you are in i suppose. To me something light and fast to use is much better than pushing a trolley full of batteries and weighing a ton.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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All depends on what you're doing...

by robo_dev In reply to I have not seen any of th ...

In many cases a vehicle-mount computer on a forklift is the solution, other times it's a handheld computer. Sometimes it's a mix of them all.

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The problem with that solution is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to is there a company that s ...

That when the Desk gets bumped the Computers HDD gets destroyed. As they are not Ruggerized in any form and slight damage can be fatal. There is also the problem of wheeling it around without a power lead draping behind it as well. Even if you use a UPS these tend to turn off after 15 minutes or so. Well the better ones that I use do at least.

While you can get longer life out of a UPS by killing the Auto Shutdown feature they are still limited and unless you are willing to buy a really big one they are unlikely to supply the required power. Even a 1500 VA UPS which is by no means small for a domestic type UPS will only last about 45 minutes without driving a monitor. Depending on the computers monitor you can expect less.

You would be better off getting a rolling station that are sold by different furniture companies to suit your needs and fitting a NB to it with a Lock to prevent theft if that is the only problem.

Or an Alarmed Lock like this one

Of course locking it to any form of mobile working environment will not guarantee it's safety or prevention of Theft as the entire thing could just disappear without warning. Doesn't matter if there is a Desktop or NB in it though.

The Toughbooks are great but there are other Ruggerized NB's available though none as well known as the Toughbook. Here are a couple of links to some of the Ruggerized NB available. While not all they do give a idea of what is available.

Even the IBM T40's had circuity built into them to turn off the HDD when it accelerated beyond a certain point. I saw one demonstrated dropping it from the first floor onto concrete running and it was working when picked up and placed on a bench without any problems. That wasn't even considered as a Ruggerized NB either.


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Many truly 'rugged' Laptops use a solid-state drive

by robo_dev In reply to The problem with that sol ...

A T-40 surviving a fall? I would expect to see shards of flat-black plastic flying everywhere, followed by the display leaking LCD goop everywhere.

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Yep this is exactly what I expected as well

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Many truly 'rugged' Lapt ...

Not sure exactly what it was but I very much doubt that it was a standard T40 chassis.

It may have been a T40 M'Board and so in inside the case with a TFT Monitor or a Special that IBM had made up for the Sales Staff to Demo like that. Not something that I would recommend at all but then again exposing a desktop PS to 33 KV isn't something that I would recommend either and I did see a Antec PS destroy itself over that one when a Power Pole fell over in a storm and brought the High Voltage into contact with the Mains and when the components where tested they all worked and continued to for 3 years after that. Some things just happen and if there was no one around at the time the place would have burnt down as a curtain behind that computer was set on fire with the flames that shot out the back of the PS.

I totally agree that the T40's are not a Ruggerized unit in any way shape of form but if the money isn't available they are better than a standard NB in a location like that. I don't think that they are the answer here either but it may be an alternative for a cheap skate Boss who wants the functionality but not the expense of buying the right hardware.


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