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Warranty work causes more problems - ACER is BAD!!

By baegis ·
ACER Australia do not support their warranty work!
I had a windows 2003 server R2 sending out an alert that one of the hard drives in a Raid 1 0 setup was failing and being rebuilt. After about 4 warnings over 2 weeks I contacted ACER Australia through their web site and a tech rang me up. I expalained what was happening and I was only half way through my 3 year warranty.

They sent out a Tech to replace the drive within 2 days. Good so far. When installing the drive which he said would take 30 minutes he did something wrong and after 5 hours he finally owned up that he could not start our server.

He asked for our raid back up but we received the server with the system preinstalled so we did not have a backup. He then said there was nothing more he could do and left!!!

I had to get someone in to rebuild the server. I spoke to ACER and their first response was "unless you can prove we did it, there is nothing we can do"

I have sent the logs of what was found on the server and its rebuild but now they just ignore me, by not responding to my emails or calls.

It cost $3,600 to get it fixed and we were without it for 3 days.

What can I do to get ACER to reimburse my company??


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