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Was a "Classified" doc. printed/copied?

By Robert Bynum ·
We have a series of very sensitive corporate documents that about 10 users have access too. The users are not to copy nor print the files but as we all know a disgruntled employee could do just about anything.
Is there a way to track (Audit) a file to see if it has been copied or printed?
Currently we are running NTS4.0 but these files could be moved to a W2K Server if there is added functionality there.

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Can look at file properties

by SheilaU In reply to Was a "Classified" doc. p ...

We are on W2K, w/Office 2000. Files in Office 2K have a properties option under File. When you look in Properties, under Statistics, you can see when the file was last printed. I don't know about copied - would have to dig more into that one.

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That helps somewhat but...

by Robert Bynum In reply to Can look at file properti ...

Sheila, by looking at the file properties and seeing when the file was printed I can then reference the Audit logs and see who was in the file at that time.

Not a perfect solution but it will work.

Thanks for the help.
Rob (EUL8R)

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by hdwilkins In reply to Was a "Classified" doc. p ...

Absolutely. Access of any file can be logged with NT.

However, if they can view the document, they can copy (even if they only use block and paste) and can create a new document which they can print or copy or whatever.

I think that what you want to do is to restrict access to sensitive data to only people with a need to know and with whom are trusted.


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Adobe Acrobat

by James R Linn In reply to Sure

Can be used to create files which can't be modified, copied or printed, in theory.

In practise you can use screen captures to create image files.

But it is better than word documents.


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RE: Adobe Acrobat

by aloisia714 In reply to Adobe Acrobat

Actually the files can be copied, printed, emailed, etc. They cannot be modified unless someone also has the full version of Acrobat (not the Reader). I think even with the Reader you can select text to copy and paste somewhere else.

But I think it is best that sensitive information and confidential files not be freely accessed by everyone.


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You can restrict

by James R Linn In reply to RE: Adobe Acrobat

In Acrobat you can dissallow printing, saving as, or copying of text.

We do this all the time.

But as I said you can do a screen capture and paste it into paint.

Even with the ful acrobat you can either deny others the ability to modify or put a password on it.


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EFS in W2K

by AYoshi In reply to Was a "Classified" doc. p ...

I haven't looked at this extensively, however, this might be an option. The user can turn the encryption off, however, it might be able to audit that event. If it is EFS running on the server, I'm not sure what the possibilities are.

If I remember right, there was also a "No Copy" attribute in Novell Netware, but I haven't dealt with Netware since about version 4.1.

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