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Was I really wrong?

By hcetrepus ·
Hi gang,
I work in an IT Dept in a school. This is a Carrer and Technology school where there are both teenage and adult students. A few weeks ago the Executive assistant brought a subsitute teacher in to my office at the end of the day. The exec. assistant began by saying "I don't know if you're the one to see, but.." and the substitute finished the story by explaining that she was walking through the class as the students were working and saw one of the boys watching something pretty risque online. When she challeneged the student, he responded that it was just "CBS". He had been watching Big Brother.

She had all the appeareance of just wanting to help, and was suggesting that we might block this particular site. Because she was a new sub for us, I took a little time to explain some of our policies and how we go about blocking certain sites, what we are required to block, and the red tape of blocking too much.

And then I really did it. I mentioned Julie Amero, the sub that was/is (I haven't heard an update on this in sometime) facing 40 years in prison for her students viewing pornography on her watch. I brought that up as I thanked her for taking time to share with us what students were doing. As I saw the shock in her eyes, I explained in breif that there were some "shady circumstances" surrounding the entire ordeal with Ms. Amero.

Several days later, the executive assistant approached me in the hall, and in so many words said "thanks for running off the new sub"..... I suggested making an appoinment to further explain the situation, but it never happened. I even received a slap on the wrist from the Superintendent. Although it was a very gentle slap, I feel as though my intent was just to educate. I was told "you need to be careful what you say".

Working in a school, and having my wife as one of the teachers, it has always been my goal to educate ALL my users about the potential dangers the internet has. Some of my users are still living fat dumb and happy. Many of their students access porn via proxy, peer to peer apps, etc. Was I wrong? What in those few moments could I or should I have done differently? I feel bad for the loss of the sub. She has said she will never work around PC's ever again. Would you have said anything?

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I'm not in education, but ...

by Bizzo In reply to Was I really wrong?

... personally I'd refuse to have any kind of "slap on the wrist" until I had a chance to explain what happened or what was said, even though the slap was a minor one.

I think that you were right in explaining to the sub the situation regarding blocking sites and the "red tape" in doing so. I think you were also right in explaining to the sub what has happened to Ms. Amero.

As you said, you're an educator, you should be able to tell both students and your peers what the situation is in regard to everything you have control over.

As for the sub running away and saying that she'll never work around PCs ever again, how wet can you get? She obviously wasn't right for education, nor IT.

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by Forum Surfer In reply to Was I really wrong?

Don't try to explain yourself to the new guy/gal! There's always someone new questioning the IT staff because they can do it better or their husband/wife/life partner/cousin/uncle/aunt/dog/Fish called Wanda/ghost of their great grand mother's ghost/tribal spiritual counselor said they could do it better and what you're currently doing is idiotic.

I always thank them for their advice, strike up a conversation about them and where they worked previously then tell them how the chain of command works for requests courteously. 99.99% of the time the person forgets to bring their problem back up and submit a helpdesk at a later date.

On a side note, I prefer the red tape involved with blocking too much in my workplace as opposed to the red tape of someone going where they shouldn't. Of course we also block all p2p traffic, bit torrents, block iTunes and the like, block proxies and throttle connections to high bandwidth I'm not afraid to be "the bad guy", lol.

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<i>ghost/tribal spiritual counselor</i> :-)

by dawgit In reply to violated rule # ...

I like that. I hope you don't mind if I include it on my res-oh-my. :^0 I've been telling people "it's all majic" anyway. -d

edited because of broken smilies, again :-(

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by Forum Surfer In reply to <i>ghost/tribal spiritual ...

Send me your application...we're currently hiring for the IT Shaman position.

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Maybe you did not explain this correctly....

by robo_dev In reply to Was I really wrong?

She spots some inappropriate user bahavior, you mention a news story, and she quits and said she will never work around PCs ever again?

That makes absolutely no sense at all, nor does the response of your administration.

If there's a drama department, she should be in charge of it.

So if you mentioned that some students drink alcohol, and that parents who host underage drinking can be held criminally negligent, would she run screaming from the school????

A normal and sane substitute would perhaps ask if there were the risk of a similar situation occuring at your school. Or perhaps might ask how to avoid such a situation. But to quit abruptly strikes me as being somewhat naive, childish, and dramatic.

The only way your story makes sense is if the substitute somehow perceived your story as a personal threat.

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No, you were NOT wrong.

by escher In reply to Was I really wrong?

No, you were NOT wrong; except in that you allowed anyone to make this YOUR fault.

"Excuse me, but are you REALLY trying to hold me responsible for the paranoia of someone who wanted me to block the CBS website?"

Then you just stare at them like they have antennae growing out of their forehead until they slink off.

BTW, no...
I'm not joking. I am ENTIRELY serious.

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