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    Was Linux the culprit, or a bad HD?


    by kevin houston ·

    I’m currently working with a client who had Win2K on his pri. HDD disk 0, and Linux loaded on disk 1. He mistyped the path to the Windows disk when trying to tell Linux which to load first. After that, the LILO bootloader wouldn’t boot anything. With my limited knowledge of Linux my only recourse was to replace the MBR using a Windows boot disk, which I did. To make a long story short, nothing worked, ended up formatting both drives and reloading, but now after a fresh Win2K load, the HDD (Disk 0) reports sectors unreadable and it shows a 20MB swap file which I can’t get Windows to resize…(aaaargh!) It just seems too easy to blame this on a bad HDD. Any help or suggestions I can get would really be appreciated.

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