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Was this the correct thing to do?

By stargazerr ·
Give this little story someone posted, a read.

I think what the IT guys did was good, in light of what was about to happen to them had the CFO succeeded in his plans.

What do you guys think?


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by JamesRL In reply to Was this the correct thin ...

The IT guys may have had all the best intentions. But BCCing the whole office was the wrong thing to do. People need to trust that their mails are not being read unless there is cause. They violated that trust for the whole company, not just the three.

Now if in the course of the investigation, the person discovered emails which may indicate malfeasance, then disclosing them to the board is the correct thing to do. If the porn sites were illegal (underage) or were against corporate policy they should go to the police in the former case and the board in the latter.


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But there is a cause

by stargazerr In reply to No

You cant go around trying to sell the company and kick out the employees.

Forwarding all emails (including the porn ones) was wrong I admit. but the employees of the company have a right to know what the CFO is about to do.


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by JamesRL In reply to But there is a cause

You can go around trying to sell the company and kick out the employees. The employees do not have the right to know what the CFO is doing. The Board of Directors and the CEO do however have to know exactly what the CFO is doing, and clearly that isn't the case.

I think that transperency is good - one of my employers was quite open about the fact they were going to have layoffs.

But there is a time and place for that, and companies have the right to make changes that may negatively impact employees. Thats life. I've been laid off from a company where I had a great track record, lots of raises and great reviews. In the end, its their call.


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by DMambo In reply to No

James is, as usual, a moral compass. Our mothers told us all that two wrongs don't make a right. As he said, since this potentially illegal activity came to light out of the normal course of business, the admins had the right to go to the board of directors, but not to include every employee, especially non-equity employees.

I'm sure it was quite satisfying for them, though.

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Agree and a couple of things

by faradhi In reply to No

First, I do not believe the story. The Board would have to approve the sell of the company. As far as I know, at some point the exec would have had to present the plan to the board.

For the sake of this discussion lets say the story was true. James and DMambo was correct that the proper thing to do in that situation was for the Admins to contact the board. Of course that means that the Admins have to accept the consequences of doing the correct thing. The Admins took the cowards way out. They did not want to accept the consequences of their noble actions. As such, they showed a lack of integrity.

If I were on the board, I would have been asking them questions on how the emails were sent to all employees. They are lucky they were not fired. At the very least, I would have reprimanded them.

That may be harsh. But integrity and responsibility is very important for an IT admin.

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by stargazerr In reply to Agree and a couple of thi ...

The guy doesnt really mention how the board reacted.


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Management Cowards

by Too Old For IT In reply to Agree and a couple of thi ...

I wonder why the C-Level execs didn't just tell everyone upfront that they were going to get screwed. Oh yeah, they teach that in MBA school to not let on while you are lining your own pockets.

No wonder techs feel they have a target on their back and therefore have a "1st Air Cav" approach to CxO shenangins.

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The IT admins were cowards themselves.

by faradhi In reply to Management Cowards

In the context of this fictional story, The C-level exec's behavior is irrelevant when discussing the ethics of the situation. It does not matter what activity the C-Level exec's were doing. If it was a determent to the company then the IT Admins had the ethical responsibility to bring it to the board. No one else but the board should have gotten the information. It is true that the IT exec's might have experienced negative consequences. That is the risk you take when you stand on principals. It was unethical and cowardly to broadcast the issue to all employees.

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True, it is fictional ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to The IT admins were coward ...

... after all, no company's CxOs would set out to screw hard working employees ...

</sarcasm off>

Where DO boards of directors find these people?

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who gives a sh!#

by avid In reply to The IT admins were coward ...

i don't care how he was found out. the guy was looking at little girls naked. he is a freakin sicko. ever hear of the phrase "you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette"? the portion about screwing his employees takes a back seat to his illegal kiddy porn. why does it seem that everyone is concentrating on the money issue. And this opinion is coming from a business owner.

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