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Wasted money on a power converter for my car.

By raven2175 ·
I recently went on a road trip and was in dire need to have access to my laptop for developing a website that needed to be done rather quickly. I was in a crunch so I stopped at a truckstop to buy a power converter and paid $70 for a steady 300watt power converter for my lighter. Imagine my suprise when I saw this one for $30 on Amazon that does the same thing. <A HREF="">
Xantrex Technologies 851-0400 X-Power...</A>

I won't be driving to southern Illinois to return the one I have but make sure you have what you need before buying on the road. That one hurts.

Website is finished too

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And your point is??

by GuruOfDos In reply to Wasted money on a power c ...

As you say, you were in a crunch! If you paid $70 and it got you OUT of the crunch, then what does it matter if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, with the benefit of time and a choice of retailers to browse?!!

Consider yourself lucky the truck-stop (never the cheapest of retail outlets for ANYTHING at the best of times) even had one at all. We can all find things cheaper when there is no hurry and we have time to shop around and look for the best deals.

The price of an item, and it's VALUE are two different things....what price NOT finishing your web-site and getting out of the crunch you were in??

Of course, no-one in their right mind would even contemplate a 300w converter for a laptop when for around ?10 ($1 you can get a universal adaptor that fits the lighter socket and plugs directly into the DC in jack on the laptop. Why convert 12v to 120/240v just to run the mains power pack to charge the laptop at 19 volts (or whatever it uses). The best inverters only have something like 80% efficiency (power out divided by power in), whereas a switching regulator can achieve almost 95%, takes up less space and saves weight and cables.

Again, your $70 inverter MAY be of a much higher quality and build standard than a $30 one therefore you are paying extra for reliability and safety, unless of course you are comparing prices for an identical make and model. If you are comparing like to like, again I say refer to my first two paragraphs. "Does the same thing", as you put it is no comparison of quality, and cheaper is not always the same thing as 'better value'.

A BMW 518i costs 60% more than, say, a Toyota Corolla...they both 'do the same thing', only the Beamer does it better and in more comfort, and this is reflected in the price.

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$300 for my inverter

by Oz_Media In reply to And your point is??

I just forked out #300 Canadian for mine. Then again, they had one for less than $200 but it was el junko crappo cheapo garbage.

A Harman Kardon 100W per channel amp costs three times as much as a JVC 500W receiver. I will tell you that the guy who buys the cheap JVC is getting ripped off, the guy with the HK is getting value for money.

To judge products by price is ridiculous. Why does a REAL Guccis handbag cost more than a knock-off? Why does a REAL Rolex cost thousands and a fake costs $50?

There is a very common saying that still applies in most instances today, "you get what you pay for"

I wonder how many of those $30 inverters you would have bought before getting one that worked?

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