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watch techrepublic on iphone

By adrian.oneill ·
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Hi all i often check into the site to read the great content on my iphone but can't find a way to watch the videos on my iphone am i missing something simple?

thanks in advance for amy advice, take good care.

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Probably Flash

by seanferd In reply to watch techrepublic on iph ...

which doesn't exist for Apple products.

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TR Videos are recorded in Flash

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to watch techrepublic on iph ...

Steve Jobs refuses to allow Flash on Apple Products with several probably good reasons but that is why you are unable to watch TR Videos on Apple Products.

While I'm not sure how accurate this is Jobs has repeatably said that enclosing a Flash Application will half the life on Battery of Apple Products. It's also supposedly a major security flaw which it is as Flash introduces another attack vector to a more secure OS than Windows is.


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thanks anyway

by adrian.oneill In reply to TR Videos are recorded in ...

ok guys it is as i thought no matter looks like i will have to watch them on my pc? it is ashame they are not posted on youtube or someplace similar though.

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Youtube is flash isn't it?

by Slayer_ In reply to thanks anyway

How does that work on the iPhone?

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youtube mobile

by adrian.oneill In reply to Youtube is flash isn't it ...

i think the main (non mobile) site is SinisterSlay but the mobile site which is accessed via the youtube app native to iphone delivers the content fine and dandy so can't be hey?

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It's H.264 not flash

by beanxyz In reply to Youtube is flash isn't it ...

Hi, mate
H.264 + Html5 is a trend that may replace flash and silverlight in the future.

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