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    Watchdog Event Log Gone


    by graeagle ·

    KenV gave this answer on Oct 8th about how to find and access the Watchdog Event Log:

    Windows XP keeps a special log of all BSoD errors, called a Watchdog Event Log. Unlike a memory dump, whose creation is the result of a BSoD error, a Watchdog Event Log is a straight text file that is easier to read and understand. This should help confirm what is really causing the problem.

    Here’s how you access a Watchdog Event Log:

    1. Use Windows Explorer to access the C:\Windows\LogFiles\Watchdog folder.
    2. Locate and right-click the most recently dated .WDL file.
    3. Select the Open command from the context menu.
    4. In the Windows dialog box, choose the Select The Program From A List option and click OK.
    5. When you see the Open With dialog box, select Notepad and click OK

    My question is this, to date I have checked 3 different computers for this file and only found it on one of them, WHY? Is there a way to turn it off and on or why would I not find it on all three? I even posted this on the Windows XP Expert Zone help site and no one there seems to have heard of it, some expert huh?

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