WatchGaurd Firewall

By xylax777 ·
I am looking for a way to get Some spcific programs to work on this network such as, for example Limewire or E-Mule...or online games like say Halo for PC. Web browsers work...I am certain that it is a problem of what ports I use but unfortantly I have very little knolage on these things, I know that there are port scanners that tell what ports are open, but again this is not my area.

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by xylax777 In reply to Have you tried?

...Its kind of a public system

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Well do you the right to do this!!

by ComputerCookie In reply to WatchGaurd Firewall

I'm sure that if you asked the administrator he would tell you that these ports are closed for security reasons, playing games would not be their idea of legitimate use.

Also, can you tell me why you would want to use Limewire and other P2P applications and place the whole system in jeopardy. What legal use for P2P you have?

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by xylax777 In reply to Well do you the right to ...

Limewire was just an example...and the "administrator" has full knowledge of what we are doing but hires others to take care of all the technical stuff, and does not want to mess with anything himself.

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