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WatchGuard Friebox II

By iankearns ·
I have purchased a WatchGuard Firebox II which when I power on has two amber lights; on marked SYS A and the other SYS B.

After a while the SYS B goes off but I also retain two green lights on the traffic monitor and these stay on.

Does this mean anything to anyone cause I cant get the firewall to do anything else!

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This post belongs in the Questions forum

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to WatchGuard Friebox II

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Watchguard II

by ram4x401 In reply to WatchGuard Friebox II

It means that the Firebox is loading its configuration correctly. If the Sys B light stayed on it would mean that it could not load the config and loaded the default config. If it is not working you should check the config. If you are not able to do that, power it up holding the reset button in the back until the Sys A light goes of with just Sys B it should be running the factory default config and passwords.

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The firewall is working

by jmgarvin In reply to WatchGuard Friebox II

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