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    WatchGuard Products


    by itmantpc ·

    Hello all,

    I am setting up a small business with satellite offices and am trying to figure out best way to do branch to branch VPN for one continuous network. Right now, the previous administrator put 2 Toshiba Magnia’s SG20 into the corp. office and a branch office. I for the life of me cannot get the 2 boxes to connect to each other using a vpn client. So, to prevent this type of problem in the future, I am looking for an appliance type solution.

    Watchguard has a product named Firebox SOHO 6tc wireless. This one box will have all our requirments satisfied.


    Does anybody have any experience with these appliances?

    Any problems I should be aware of?

    How is the Branch to Branch VPN support, slow, fast, hard to manage?

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      Better Solution

      by markturton ·

      In reply to WatchGuard Products

      I use Netscreen 5XP or the newer version 5GT.
      Super easy to setup. One end needs static ip, if both ends have it even better. Takes ten minutes to create a offfice to office vpn tunnel.

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        I do not see wireless

        by itmantpc ·

        In reply to Better Solution

        Thank you for your response and before I forget, Happy Holidays!!!

        Okay, the reason we are looking at the WatchGuard is the wireless/vpn/firewall solution all in one. I do not see a NetScreen with these options. Can you recommend a NetScreen with similar options?


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