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Watchguard - Pros and Cons??

By lzhaol82 ·
Hi guys

i am thinking of getting a firewall for my company of 100 and so far Watchguard has been getting good reviews

Can you all list the Pros and Cons of Watchguard??

Thanks in advance

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by bart777 In reply to Watchguard - Pros and Con ...

1-Good workhorse. Very good firewall.
2-Has LOTS of configurations that you can tweak to get the job done.
3-Good support from Watchgaurd.

1-Has LOTS of configurations that you can tweak to get the job done. Yes this is a CON too. There are so many things you can change that it can be a bit cumbersome at times.
2-It always wants to save a config copy before you do anything to the box. Thereason I put this under con is because ti will want you to do thsi even when you have no intention of making a single change.
3-It likes to reboot about as often as NT4 did. You make a change, you reboot. It's jut a matter of life. The device does come up quickly but this can inconvenience you users at times.

All in all I like the device. I've been willing to put up with the reboots and configs since it is such a solid device.
Hope this helps.

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What did you decide? Did it work out for you?

by elroy256 In reply to Watchguard - Pros and Con ...

I bought the x55e and 2 x10e's and setup a bovpn network. I have had less than outstanding results so far. I was wondering if the same happened to you?

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