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Watchguard:Mobile User VPN questions

By afterwork123 ·
I wonder is there any way to setup a Mobile User VPN to connect the firewall without changing any network setting(windows ip setting) of the mobile user (like IP addresses, subnet, gateway, etc...) for example:

1) Office A (watchguard firewall VPN server setup) internal ip: 192.168.1.x

2) client B a mobile user; internal ip is also: 192.168.1.x

According to what I heard from a consultant, he told me that in order for client B to connect the Office A with using Mobile User VPN, I will have
to change the ip setting of the Client B to 192.168.2.x or whatever ip that is not under 192.168.1.x.

Is that statement true?

If yes, it will be an issue when Client B in a hotel or other places where the site ips is 192.168.1.x because I don't think I may able to change the ip setting of a hotel or other places.

If no, or I just need to setup a profile in the VPN server(firewall), and setup the firewall client software on the mobile user machine. and every IP setting will be taken care by the firewall? Thus I don't need to worry about the Office and the Client both have same the internal ip range(in the example above: 192.168.1.x)

P.S.: I am looking into watchguard firebox X series.

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by george In reply to Watchguard:Mobile User VP ...

The client IP address has nothing to do with the network address assigned to the laptop. This is a setting in the client software only.

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by gavin In reply to Watchguard:Mobile User VP ...

In MUVPN, it doesn't matter what IP is assigned to the client's laptop. During the setup of MUVPN at your firewall, you will beed to enter the virtual IP or any unused IP to represent the client latop once he is connected to the tunnel. So you may enter for user 1, while he still maintaing his own IP at the laptop. All of these are transparent to the client.

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Watchguard:Mobile User VPN questions

by mike In reply to Watchguard:Mobile User VP ...

Hi, I connect to my network on the same subnet without any issue. I did find issues connecting from home however. I resolved this by enabling TCP and UDP port 500 on my home firewall. Hope this helps.

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Thank You Very much

by warrierrakesh In reply to Watchguard:Mobile User VP ...

I Work for belkin Tech Support
Today i got a customer using Watchguard VPN Client and whatever i did .. it didnt help in getting access to the VPN ..
Finally i googled for any information regarding this and found this link ..
I just forwarded the ports TCP & UDP 500
And it started working ..

Thank you very much !!

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