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Watching a slow motion train wreck......again.

By Jack-M ·
Since Win 3.0 I've watched MS come out wit v3.1,
Win 95, Win 98 and 98se, 2000, ME, and now we have XP. Each version was supposed to fix the bugs in the last version and offer improved features in the new. Now, as a MS "partner" I get an email informing me to be alert for the upcoming 'download Tuesday' and in the same email I'm reminded to watch for the 'new and improved' Vista which will solve all the problems of XP and offer new features. It's deja vu all over again. When will MS get ONE version right before selling/releasing the next version????

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If they got it right

by TonytheTiger In reply to Watching a slow motion tr ...

You wouldn't have to buy it again :)

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by rsalazar In reply to If they got it right

Do the math:

bugs = no_of_users * (mis)^configurations

As for my experience MS products have worked for me since dos. Enjoy the software you did not write as much as yours.


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by j2per In reply to Watching a slow motion tr ...

I think that they do fix the issues of the last version and give you some improvement of function but why wouldn't a newer version have it's problems? I guess I am one of the people who have come to see that no software, computer, or anything for that matter will be perfect if made, thought of, or conceptulized by humans.

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Then why are the first few rounds of patches

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Fix...

in the new OS to fix problems known about in the previous or earlier OS versions?

It's because they don't bother fixing the base code at all. They just keep adding to it and making it less stable and more buggy.

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Isn't it the same with any other OS?

by scatalin In reply to Then why are the first fe ...

Now, here's another Microsoft bash...

A new OS release means new features added, and of course, bug fixes. This is the same no matter what OS you can think of, not Windows only.

If you think that a new version of Linux (or other OS other than Windows) contains only new cool features, without bugfixes, you're wrong. No software is perfect, and that includes your favorite OS, whatever that is, and no matter how much you feel the need to write its name on your T-shirt.

To say that every Window version was released to fix bugs only it's a mistake; sure you don't want to say WinXP contains absolutely no new features from those found in Win2K, 'cause I don't believe you. And Vista also has loads of cool features, no matter how much you want to refuse to believe it.

It's good to criticize Microsoft, but don't do it just because you can, or for the wrong reasons.

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It's one thing to have new bugs, the problem with MS is the old bugs

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Isn't it the same with an ...

When Win XP came out the first sets of patches were for bugs that were identified and patched in Win 98, Win 98SE and Win 2000 (even some from Win 95). Now the serious question is how come they did a new kernel (haha - but they said they did) for Win XP and include all those old bugs?

At least with Linux the latest kernel does NOT come with the bugs of the old one.

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Vista WMF flaw...I thought the WMF flaw was fixed!?

by jmgarvin In reply to It's one thing to have ne ...

Ya, that's right, you get the SAME WMF flaw in Vista that you got in Win9x-WinXP.

You also get the same registry flaws, same permission flaws, same IE flaws (plus tabbing), same media player flaws, same kernel flaws, etc ad nausium.

MS hasn't created a new OS since Win NT 4.0. It's the same kernel OVER AND OVER AND OVER. In the industry they call that turd polishing...

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by norris In reply to Fix...

To expect anything made with human rationalization and knowledge to be perfect is ludicrous. And even if MS did make a "perfect" OS, what's to say what is perfect to some is the same perfect to others. There will always be error because of the human factor. I think MS does as much as it can do to ensure a reliable product but because other software is introduced into the mix, things happen.

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I agree humans aren't perfect but it is reasonable to

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Agreed

expect a fault found in one version of their software doesn't reappear in the next version or the one after that - but MS seem incapable of fixing basic faults in their software. The first patches for Win 2000 and Win XP were for security holes and bugs identified in Win 95 and Win 98 - and some of those same holes required patches in the Win Vista Beta. They aren't interested in getting it right.

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Job Security

by ccthompson In reply to Watching a slow motion tr ...

If they got it 100% right, alot of us on here would be out of a job. :)

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