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Watching others online

By gfluehr ·
How can one person get reports in his email box about what another person was doing online? Are there spider programs, alerts, and such that allows someone to keep track of another persons doing such as joining a group to just moving from page to page online.
Can one person watch what another person is doing just by knowing email addresses, IP addresses. May I know what is going on please.

Thank you,

Glenn Fluehr

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surf tracking programs exist

by JamesRL In reply to Watching others online

and can keep databases and send out emails. I have seen how they work - had access to one for a time. They can track every webpage, until you get to an SSL page. I could see what google searches people ran.

Much depends of course on how the access to the internet is set up. Some companies allow only certain IP addresses to access the net(Proxy servers) and have people use IDs and passwords on the proxy servers.

The software to do this for every user in a large company isn't cheap.

What else would you like to know.


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Who is this one person, you?

by nestorwheelock In reply to Watching others online

If it's your network (and you ask your concious and an attorney what is ethical and legal), you could sniff out the packets and or add a reverse proxy server and log. As far as emailing goes, pick a language and write a script.

But, I'm guessing that this is way over your head since you are thinking in terms of you as a user spying on another user across the vast internet?

Maybe if you knew more about them than their IP address and email address, like their physical address you could do some sort of bag job on their machine and install some sort of FBI style key logger. Or if they leave their blinds open at night, you could just sit across the street with some binoculars. Theoretically you could also collect the EMF emanations from their monitors, or even from the powergrid that they're plugged into.

You could also try to send them a trojan that passed you their browser logs every night as their phone mysteriously dialed some poor South American sucker's PC to drop it on-- which you could then have emailed to you via an "anonymous" email account like yahoo like the terror*sts supposedly were doing. I'm guessing now though that since they busted you know who and his jihadist friends, that breaking the law like that would not only be frowned upon, but also more risky than you think.

Or else if you ARE the government, you could get a warrant (or not) and stick a black box called omnivore or whatever at that person's isp.

But since you probably aren't the government, and since you probably aren't a talented 14 year old gui-dependent MS Windows script kiddie, and since you probably don't own the network and have informed this person you wish to spy on that you wish to spy on, that leaves really only a couple options for you.

If you are their parent, you might supervise?

The only other sugggestion I have is that you might just try asking this person what porno sites they visit. So the long of it is no, you can't do that with just that information, and really YOU probably can't do it anyway even if did have more information.

The short of it is should keep your nose in your own business and get a better hobby.

I'd suggest FreeBSD.

iDotMind * [smarter than a genius, cooler than a geek]

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