Watching TV on HP Mini 1000 Question

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I bought an HP mini 1000. I also bought a port replicator so I could connect to an external monitor,keyboard and mouse. The monitor has never worked because the replicator does not have a VGA port and the 17" flat screen monitor has no USB port. I bought the following cable which was suppose to fix that problem.

The HP comes with XP which allows for multiple monitors. I intended to use the laptop screen and the 17" as a secondary monitor like I do at work.

I can't get the video to work properly at this point and I am no longer sure that the HP has TV watching capability.

Before I spend any more money on and ISP solution and hardware that may or may not meet my needs, I am looking for expertise.
I would like to use my laptop as mobile device, plug it in as a "normal desktop" via a replicator and download TV shows from the internet. Thanks in advance :)

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OK a couple of things that you need to know first

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Watching TV on HP Mini 10 ...

This is a Net Book not a Note Book there is a difference and a very big difference. The main ones being the Computing Power and System Resources in this case here.

You do not record TV from the actual TV or External Monitor you only use that to Display the Picture.

I'm not sure that the USB to XGA Port will actually work with a modern VGA Monitor and even if it did the Processing power of the Net Book is likely to render it useless for doing anything after it has finished converting the signal tot he USB Port.

While XP does support Multiple Screens you don't have a full version of XP on this Net Book. It is a Cut Down Version to save both Space on the HDD and Processing Time of the CPU not to mention saving loading the system with processes that it doesn't require or can use. So HP supply a special Version of XP Home that doesn't have all of the abilities either a Full Blown Note Book or Desktop System. I'm not sure that these can actually support a Second External Monitor. And even if they do you would need a Port Replicator with either a VGA or DVI socket. If you had a DVI Socket on the Replicator you could use the standard DVI to VGA Adapter like the one here

As for downloading TV Shows that is certainly possible but you will first need to make sure that they actually will play on this system. It has limited Processing Power and Memory not to mention HDD Space. So you will need to test this before you proceed any further by at the very least downloading something and transferring it to the Net Book and seeing if it will play on the Net Book Screen. If there are any speed issues with things that way it is very unlikely to work once you start adding extra Hardware that chews up even more Clock Cycles of the CPU to get the signals to them to work.


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Cut so many corners you've now got a circle ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Watching TV on HP Mini 10 ...

The cable that you mentioned you had bought is a '6in Port Authority2 USB 2.0 to XGA Adapter' but, according to what I've found, the Mini 1000 doesn't have a USB port.

It's got what looks like a recessed USB port, but it's actually some kind of proprietary "HP Mini Mobile Drive" which will ONLY accept specially branded HP USB drives. I'm not sure if the pinouts have been altered but all the reviews suggest only HP Mini Mobile drives will work in this USB port.

Unfortunately although XP does allow for multiple monitors, the connectivity of such is governed by the hardware that XP is running on - simply because the NB is running XP is not sufficient.

Basically the Mini 1000 has zero expansion capabilities.

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HP Mini 1000 has 2 USB ports and 1 Mini Mobile Drive port.

by jkeese01 In reply to Cut so many corners you'v ...

The HP Mini 1000 has 1 USB port next to the power input on the left side and a 2nd USB port on the right side (roughly near the shift key).

The recessed port is for a special HP SD memory "drive" (Mini Mobile Drive). A free one was included with my Mini.

The Mini also had a SD / MMC card slot.

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