Water Spill Issues

By goldman22 ·
SO, i have a HP dv9700 and a few days ago i spilled water on the keyboard, it was not an entire cup, only a small spill. it had no immediate affect obn my computer so i cleaned it up as i have done before. 30 mins later it starting spamming the enter key (on the area i spilled) i immediatly turned off my computer and removed the battery. I waited a few days and tried to turn it on, it did not start, the start screen before windows that gives me access to the bios did not even show up. It is doubtful that water got on to the inner components because the keyboard has a plastic tray and the amount of water was very small. I ordered a replacement keyboard, recived it and installed it. It still will not start up, what do i do?

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odds are

by SystemCheck In reply to Water Spill Issues

it could be that the motherboard shorted out, yes there is a tray on the bottom of the keyboard but most of them still have holes in them for ventilation.

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Well as you already know Water and Electronics do not mix

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Water Spill Issues

But depending on how much water was involved here you may still be able to recover any Important Data off the HDD.

Though you will need to remove it fit it to a External USB Enclosure and use it on another computer.

Odds are that the one that you sent to Silicon Heaven will be way to expensive to repair so it's better and more sensible to buy a new one.


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You should have

by .Martin. In reply to Water Spill Issues

turn of the computer straight away, and tuned the laptop upside down, to let it drain.

unfortunately, sounds like your laptop has passed away.

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