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Water spill on my laptop

By makbar ·
Hello everyone,

Just now i accidently spilled some water(contains some glucose) on the right side of the keyboard. The screen got some problem immediately but i turned it off right away. i tired to dry all the cloth.. use fan and hair dryer.. to make it dry. But till now i cant see anything. I can turn on the laptop but i cant see anything.. its all black screen.

Please advice me!


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by robo_dev In reply to Water spill on my laptop

There are no easy answers that do not involve some disassembly.

If you are lucky, then perhaps the ribbon cable that connects the display to the system board has some moisture on it and it is blocking the video signals and/or power to the backlight.

The cure for this would be to remove, clean, and reinsert the ribbon cable(s) for the display. On most laptops this can be done after removing the keyboard, and sometimes a panel between the keyboard and the display.

If luck is not on your side, then the laptop screen 'backlight inverter' has fried. The backlight inverter is a high-voltage device in the display which makes the screen light up. In most cases, a PC tech would swap the whole display, and not replace just the ($25) inverter.

If you shine a very bright light at the screen with it on, you may be able to tell whether you have lost the backlight, or whether there is no video signal. You can usually see the backlight around the edges of the display.

Make sure there is not a key-sequence to send video to external monitor. Verify that the PC is booting with an external monitor.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Water spill on my laptop

There is no way around this you are going to have to do some dismantling work and at the very least remove the Keyboard. Depending on the Make & Model this can either be easy or hard to do but you'll at the very least need to see what if any damage has been done under the Keyboard.

If it's just the Keyboard that gone bad it's possible to run the NB with the KB removed and use an External KB through the PS2 or USB socket on the NB to see if it's still working but depending on the construction of the NB anything is possible. It really depends on what in under where the spill was as to what if any damage has been done and without knowing more it's really impossible to give any better answer.


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by makbar In reply to Water spill on my laptop

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