Water spilled on lab laptop

By Bankai20 ·
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Hi everyone

I'm working in a lab and yesterday evening I dropped a few spills on the laptop we use and immediately used a towel to wipe then unplugged and shut it down. It was not so much so I didn't worry about much. However today when I try to open it it did not open and firstly I thought the keypad is stuck because yesterday evening when I was trying to save the document after the spill some keys weren't typing. I plugged it and tried again it opened but closed in two seconds again without no display. Any hints if I can handle it or is it gone completely?( Some electrolytes were present in the solution K2HPO3- KH2PO3)
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See a Computer Engineer

by Nomozine In reply to Water spilled on lab lapt ...

A water spill can damage your keypad and touchpad depending on the type your computer is using.

If the water spill affected your screen, it means the water got to the motherboard which is highly dangerous.

I recommend you seek help from a computer repairer

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