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    Water water everywhere


    by purpleskys ·

    Some of you are already aware that where Darryl and I live is currently under a heavy rainfall warning. Needless to say, the surrounding area is starting to flood. I delivered my oldest girl to her job a normal 20 minute drive away, that took me 45 today, and I don’t expect I’ll see her until tomorrow. She’s on the other side of the river that’s flooding. She is making arrangements to stay with friends and with any luck I’ll be able to get her in the morning when the rain is supposed to have stopped. No worries though, we’re all safe. I thought I would post some picks from the local news for those that don’t have Darryl or I on their FaceBook. Our local newspaper Needless to say, it’s interesting around here today. Darryl is going to have to take the very long way home today. It’ll add about another 30-35 minutes to what is normally a 10 minute drive. Hmmm…anyone got a boat or an arc they can lend us for a couple days 😉 lol

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      Time to build up

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to Water water everywhere

      Does this happen to Truro often?

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        not really Slayer_

        by purpleskys ·

        In reply to Time to build up

        it’s not uncommon for us to have some water laying around where we live in a bit of a flood zone, we just don’t normally have THIS much water. We had this one back in 2003 and it’s getting close to some of what that looks like. If the rain holds back a little sometime soon, it won’t be as bad, but (and this link will current weather when you click on it)

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        We seldom flood this time of year

        by darryl~ ·

        In reply to Time to build up

        we usually get some flooding in the Spring when the ice breaks up. What causes us problems is the Bay of Fundy, it has the highest tides in the world and we have a couple rivers going through Truro & Bible Hill that flow into the Bay, if the rivers are full at high tide we a couple roads often flood. The past couple days we have been getting rain from the outter bands of hurricane/tropical storm Leslie and we’re also getting a storm surge up the Bay which gives it even higher tides, so basically, there’s just nowhere for the water to go. To make matters worse, the dyke (I guess it doesn’t like that word…a big mound of earth along a river/shoreline to keep water out) that contains the water from one of the rivers flowing through town broke, I guess about 300 yards is gone. So we’re just sort of in a mess, next high tide is 9 pm tonight so it should get interesting.

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          Did you get some TS Isaac leftovers too?

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to We seldom flood this time of year

          Do I recall correctly that you’re in the municipal water biz? At least it’s not a full / new moon.

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          Yeah, we got about 4″ from Isaac last Thursday…

          by darryl~ ·

          In reply to Did you get some TS Isaac leftovers too?

          we didn’t get any flooding from that but it saturated the ground….didn’t help much for what we’re getting right now.
          No, I don’t do the Municipality’s water….I do Property Information…and Protective Services & GIS falls under me so my office has been busy today…actually, my GIS tech is also the Protective Services Coordinator so I won’t see him for a couple days….he’s been very busy with EMO etc….we’re one step away from being declared a disaster right now, that gives us access to all provincial & federal resources except no personel at this point

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      Keep your chin’s up…

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Water water everywhere

      figuratively speaking (sorry, I know, bad pun!). We’re having the opposite, a lack
      of rain and drought. Last flood I can remember in my part of the world was back
      in the early 1990s, when a river that runs through the town I lived in at the time
      AND the town I worked in (and currently reside in) went something like 25 feet
      above flood stage. We had to move my spouse’s (at the time, now the ex) grandpa
      out of his house, twice! Water came up about 6 feet inside the house. After the
      second time, he said no more, and moved to higher ground.

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      I hope you don’t get your houses flooded

      by slayer_ ·

      In reply to Water water everywhere

      Its so much work to fix a flooded house.

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      Trees trees everywhere

      by gsg ·

      In reply to Water water everywhere

      Unfortunately, they’re shattered on the ground.

      We had a storm with 80mph winds blow through friday. I work an hour away from home, so I had to turn around and drive back to work and stay rather late until it all blew through. Luckily i was at work, or I’d have died of a heart attack when my tree with a 30 inch diameter trunk broke at about the 5 foot level and came down. My neighbors heard the crash but couldn’t get outside to check because it was too dangerous.

      No other damage, but I’m looking for a good, moderately priced tree removal service.

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      That’s our problem with hurricanes here when there’s leaves….

      by darryl~ ·

      In reply to Water water everywhere

      it’ll uproot some pretty big trees….they’re not used to the wind….it makes quite a mess of sidewalks, roads, etc.
      Here’s a picture of a downed tree from hurricane Juan a few years ago…

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      I’m probably the wrong person to suggest anything

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Water water everywhere

      We had some Moderate Flooding in 2011 that covered the majority of the entire state.

      But as I was once involved in the State Emergency Service I will suggest staying out of Water particularly water across roads and sitting down and waiting for things to pass. If you are advised to move them move quickly and listen to those giving the information and follow their advice.

      After all getting yourself killed attempting to get to work isn’t going to do anyone any good. 😉

      Oh and more importantly if you are going to move anything through water make sure that you wear shoes, Cuts get infected really quickly and can be really nasty for those walking through water caring stuff. Shoes will not stop cuts but will at least minimize any that you would otherwise get. If you do get a cut while walking through water disinfect it ASAP and watch it carefully. Here last year it took under 4 hours to go from what looked like a Minor Cut to Full Blown Blood Poisoning for those who injured themselves helping others.


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        Your advice

        by purpleskys ·

        In reply to I’m probably the wrong person to suggest anything

        Is gladly accepted. I’m not a brave girl when it comes to this kind of stuff though and I harass those who think they are ten feet tall and bullet proof.

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          Well Purple if this helps

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Your advice

          Last year the floods where relatively small only about 20 feet of water through the CBD of Brisbane for 3 or 4 days.

          In 74 when I was part of the SES we had a lot more water that stayed put for at least 10 days where you could go down a street on a power boat with a guy sitting on the front looking out for Power Poles just below the surface and they had not all been knocked over by the water. Most where still standing though several where at funny angles.

          Probably the scariest was at a bridge where we where getting peoples stuff out of a neighborhood and the water is about 100 feet below the bridge. It’s very disconcerting looking up stream and seeing a barge which has broken loose coming down the river about 5 feet below the bridge decking. That thing hit in the middle while we just dropped everything and ran like hell. The bridge stayed put but it did move at least 2 feet when the barge hit and threw all of us to the ground. Not something I’ll forget for a very long time and it’s already been well over 30 years since that happened.

          We got moved there as a [b]”Rest”[/b] because we where in a power boat that could manage 80 Knots which was going backward in the flood waters against the current. Not much that could be done there other than throw a rope out the side and wait till you got pulled back in by a very big truck. 😉

          The water also came up fairly quickly. I remember being in one suburb at 0800 walking into a house with water not even covering your feet but by midday we where walking out with the stuff over our heads and the water up around our necks. It was nothing if not interesting but we couldn’t do anything more than move a bit of stuff and then just stack up everything else as high as we could get it before we where pulled out about an hour latter. That place was underwater completely with nothing showing for 15 days so overall we didn’t achieve much.


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          I am 10 feet tall and water proof

          by slayer_ ·

          In reply to Your advice

          But I live in Winnipeg, floods are a yearly event.

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          Ah hah!

          by Wizard57M-TR ·

          In reply to I am 10 feet tall and water proof

          Now we know who’s responsible for all those “big foot” sightings!!
          LOL…just joking (I hope) 😉

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          I thought it was too cold in Winnipeg to rain

          by darryl~ ·

          In reply to I am 10 feet tall and water proof


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          But it snows…

          by slayer_ ·

          In reply to I thought it was too cold in Winnipeg to rain

          Usually a lot.

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          Hence the Big feet

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to But it snows…

          And the Ten Foot Tall and Water Proof bit right?


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          by slayer_ ·

          In reply to Hence the Big feet

          No need for snow shoes

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