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Watering eyes at the Water Cooler

By Sonja Thompson Staff ·
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My eyes have been bugging me lately, frequently watering, and so I decided to do a little investigating - meaning, I Googled it. One remedy was to stop staring at things (like a computer screen)! LOL!!

PLEASE, someone offer another suggestion.

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You won't like my solution

by GSG In reply to Watering eyes at the Wate ...

I had that problem to the point where the tears were eating away at the surrounding skin. Turns out my tear duct was blocked. First they tried irrigating it by sticking a needle into the duct and squirting water through, then they finally had to do surgery and put a stent in. After 3 months, they took the stint out, and I don't have the problem any more.

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You're right - dislike!

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to You won't like my solutio ...

The corner of my eye where I keep dabbing is starting to get sore. This has been going on for several weeks now.

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Professional help?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Watering eyes at the Wate ...

Have you considered something as ridiculous as asking an ophthalmologist? Or does the CNET medical plan only cover eye drops and a sharp stick?

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I guess that's the next step, Palmie

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Professional help?

because the eye drops aren't cutting it! I've never worn glasses or had any eye issues, but I guess that's part of the joy of getting older. Don't worry... I won't turn to the Water Cooler when the rest of my body starts falling apart!

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It's Time

by dogknees In reply to I guess that's the next s ...

If your eyes are watering and your having trouble focussing you do "have an eye issue" by definition.

Anything less than 20/20 is an issue and should be addressed as soon as it occurs.. Not everyone's eyesight diminishes with age. Age is not the reason, genetics and environment (most likely) is.

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two cents

by PurpleSkys In reply to Watering eyes at the Wate ...

computer screens, florescent lighting, bright you wear glasses at all? If you do, have you considered anti-glare transitional lenses? I love mine, don't get headaches near as much anymore. Another thought, has there been anything new introduced at home or at work; for example, something that might have a scent to it?

Hope you sort it out soon, that's gotta be terribly irritating (no pun intended) :)

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No glasses.... yet!

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to two cents

I had an eye exam last year, and they said I didn't need them... but it's quite comical trying to read the back of medicine bottles lately (closer, farther away, more light, less light... oh the joys of getting older!)

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I have seen

by JamesRL In reply to No glasses.... yet!

Eyeglasses for those who work in harsh light or with computer monitors all day, they didn't have a presciption, but they were tinted a light purple. I thought LCD monitors though help, they put out less radiation than CRTs.

I use contacts but I need bifocals///

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I worked underground -- we were supplied with "rose" tinted glasses

by Old-Fart-IV In reply to I have seen

Upon exiting the facility, I had to put on Sun Glasses even on cloudy days or it was like looking directly at the sun. Ophthalmologist prescribed the glasses with no correction.

Rose tint helped color balance against the heavy blue shift (spectrum content) of the cheap fluorescent tubes being used.

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A fix for that nowadays...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I worked underground -- w ...

Get natural-light bulbs... nowadays all the bulbs are too yellow-dominant, but they do make bulbs that put out a more balanced mix.

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