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Thankfully, I am still using Office 2003. Soon I will be changing to Office 2007. Is there any way to paste or create a diagonal word or phrase (Draft, Confidential, etc) on to the Word document? Is there any code or batch file that can be installed/inserted into the document?

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Check in the settings pages for your printer ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Watermark

My printer settings allow for such a feature to be placed either across the face of the body copy or on the blank reverse, which you might choose to impose if printing graphics or photographic output.

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by lfh003 In reply to Check in the settings pag ...

Thanks, mate. I have an HP Deskjet 5740...excellent for my home needs...and, yes, the watermarks are available. But, some of my business office docuements that I produce would look better with the watermark either in upper 1/3rd and lower 1/3rd or on the diagonal. Also, with different wording than provided by my printer. I have accomplished that using Word 2003. G'Day.

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Not exactly sure where it's at...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Watermark

... but, as you know, in 2003 it's located in Format -> Background -> Printed Watermark (or ALT+O+K+W keyboard shortcut). The 2007 version should have something similar. I'm just not sure where it's at, since I don't have a copy of 2007 to look at.

Have you tried clicking the round Office button?

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How exactly can you make a watermark 'look better'?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Watermark

It's a watermark for god's sake.

It's supposed to look ungainly, otherwise it would be a designer's imprint, which it inherently is not.

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