Wave Volume

By .Martin. ·
I have a quite weird problem, which is annoying rather than anything else. :)

Whenever I turn off my computer, the Wave Volume, in the volume settings always goes down to the minimum (like it was muted, but not actually muted). meaning I have to put the volume up again, then when I turn the computer off it does it again.

wondering if anyone else had suffered from this problem.



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What OS and Sound Driver type here? <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to Wave Volume
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Oddly, my Skype microphone is doing the same thing ...[EDIT]

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wave Volume

It slides down to zero as soon as a Skype call comes in, the ringing sound is enough to neutralise the microphone gain all the way to zero.

I adjust it back up and speak, but as soon as the other person talks - the microphone 'auto-adjusts' like it was recording, but always ends up right down at zero.

Annoying the **** out of me - Skype is now simply another CHAT mechanism for me - voice is out completely.

XP Pro & Realtek HD audio.

<Spec in case OH Smeg asks!>

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Well as the Realteck Drivers are not

by OH Smeg In reply to Oddly, my Skype microphon ...

Digitally Signed that are not expected to work right with M$ products. Now if you bought deceit Hardware with a Sound Blaster Audio you wouldn't be having these problems. Of course the weak excuse that no M'Board maker uses Sound Blaster Audio any more is no excuse.


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so your saying

by .Martin. In reply to Well as the Realteck Driv ...

that realtek HD driver is why it is doing this?

because I have never had this problem before a week ago.

and I am (still) using XP Home

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What the problem here is

by OH Smeg In reply to so your saying

Is that Realteck doesn't supply it's drivers for Digital Signing so M$ doesn't know how they work or at least do not officially know how they work. A newly released M$ Patch could have broken the way that it works for your particular Hardware with Patch Tuesday just happening within the last week.

But having said that this unit and most of the others here which also have the Realteck HD Sound have not been affected in that manner.

Though for about a month now a new build of mine which is my personal workstation is restarting whenever I attempt to play any Video on it.

Anyway what appears to be happening here is a fight between the 2 big names in things here on the one side you have M$ claiming that they need to have all drivers Digitally Signed so they they are not affected and on the other side you have Realteck who supplies all of the sound bits to the M'Board makers saying to M$ that we are not paying your Tax on computer users so if you don't like it you know where to get off.

Naturally the End User is caught in the middle once again and I personally wouldn't put it past M$ to deliberately break something that they consider Minor in the Realteck Audio just to prove a point. However as Realteck has the market sewn up they can not break it too much or the end users will blame M$ for breaking it with their lousy code once again.

Personally I see it as one of two possibilities here but some M$ Code has caused a problem with the existing Realteck Drivers but this could be because M$ is so sloppy in coding that with the several different departments contributing bits of Code to the finial release they broke something by accident and without knowing. Or they deliberately wrote the code to break it and pass the blame back to Realteck.


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by .Martin. In reply to What the problem here is

I'll just curse it every time I use my computer, and hope it eventually gets fixed


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Well how about

by OH Smeg In reply to So

You make a trip to Brisbane and reload this one for Practice? :^0

I've Personally had more than enough Practice in reloading XP so I'm happy to let you practice if you like.

I use XP Pro Volume License so you don't actually need to speak to M$ see how nice I am. :^0


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Just an idea....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Wave Volume

Although I don't have an immediate answer to what is causing the volume to auto-adjust (I'm checking into a possible registry tweak), this freebie may be an easy work-around. I believe it gives you a way to lock the volume level and it can be set to load at boot.


I haven't had much time to play with it, but it seems pretty simple, is easy to install and just as easily uninstalls if it doesn't fit the bill.

Lemme know if it does the job.

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Skype now sorted and found an interesting side effect...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wave Volume

Bit of a mixed bag here I'm afraid...

As per my usual, rather than simply do things one at a time, once again I've used a double-whammy that worked! Unfortunately I'm now kinda stuck wondering WHICH action had the desired effect. :^0

Anyhow, after being being prodded by several peermails (you all know who you are!) I uninstalled, rebooted then reinstalled Skype, retaining all my Contacts and Settings in the process, and it worked. Microphone doesn't have any ALC anymore.

However, just before I rebooted, I was milling around in the sound mixer controls as per usual and I noticed that the Advanced Properties for the Front Green & Front Pink sliders, had an interesting phenomenon happening. Usually only one of the BOOST boxes is ticked (the one for the speakers) - but in this instance the item that was ticked had been reversed - therefore the Speaker boost was OFF but the Microphone boost was ON. This setting is one that you'd not normally notice, being that it's buried inside an advanced properties button, AND if you've never altered the settings you might never be prompted to have a look-see.

Might be worth checking - just in case that is part of OH Smeg's suggested rogue code.

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by jswmbp In reply to Wave Volume

[RESOLVED] Hi Friends, I had a same problem with this issue, I tried Installing many anti-viruses or anti-trojan viruses, but it didn't worked, then I create my own script to make wave volume up If I have a problem, so If any one interested I would send him those file on his email.

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