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    Way to conduct this marketing campaign

    by lucianfgr229 ·


    Hi I am new here. Sorry if it is not suitable to ask this question here. I really don’t know where to ask.

    I will start my summer internship for a marketing company targeting soft drink customers. Except for the background research we’ve done a lot about the drink, we also want to do something cool campaign to engage our customer, even reach new ones.

    With these ideas, our company wants to collect more in-store customer analytics We want to know more about some interesting insights like different preferences between gender, or yellow-dressed people tend to pick the specific drink, etc.

    Do you have any way to collect these demographic data (not personal) ? Much thanks!

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      Do you remember your Statistics and other classes?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Way to conduct this marketing campaign

      I find many forget their coursework about random sampling. You already know how much is being sold so you only need to do random sampling to see the trends.

      Again, the biggest mistake the new intern will make is to try to capture 100% of the sales information because they forgot their statistics coursework.

      Since it’s random sampling, about a week of sitting in the stores to get a few hundred sample data points. Simple, effective, cheap.

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      Where do you want to set up the system?

      by cindy19851111 ·

      In reply to Way to conduct this marketing campaign

      You’re right, it’s not easy to collect the data you mentioned via 3D camera. You guys need to consider the possibility to use the security cameras and maybe VMS or some video analytics software to make it happen. Where will you set up this system? I assume the site should be supermarket?

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        simple answer

        by lucianfgr229 ·

        In reply to Where do you want to set up the system?

        haven’t decided yet
        Are you an expert in this field?

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          by cindy19851111 ·

          In reply to simple answer

          I am a system integrator, what I do is to help ppl set up CCTV systems. So if u have questions you can ask me directly

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          The clues are here. “summer intern”

          by rproffitt ·

          In reply to Yeah

          I bet the budget is low to near zero with no pull to get such into any major food store.

          I’ve seen such work before and statistics to the rescue. Sometimes the summer intern needs a short refresher on sampling etc.

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