Way to tell how often a program was accessed

By DaveAz ·
I breifly saw a co-workers son show a list of programs that have been accessed and how often they were accessed on an ex-co-workers pc. He even said he could get timestamps for when it they were accessed. I didn't catch how he done this, but I'm pretty certain he didn't use another program, just something within XP.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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Within Control Panel, add and remove programs

by robo_dev In reply to Way to tell how often a p ...

sort on frequency of use or sort on date least used

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Not quite

by DaveAz In reply to Within Control Panel, add ...

What he done shown the actual number of times...Solitair was accessed ten thousand, something times. Not just "rarely" and such.

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Event Viewer

by Maevinn In reply to Way to tell how often a p ...

Control Panel: Administrative Tools: Event Viewer. There are a variety of logs there, sounds like he was just looking at some of them.

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Not it either

by DaveAz In reply to Event Viewer

No that don't appear to be it either...Didn't want to have to ask the kid to show me, but I just may have to get shown up by the

"Alright Kid, show this old man how you done that."

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by DaveAz In reply to how bout

That don't look like it either. I'll ask him and post it up. It'll be a little while as they had a death in the family.

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did you try with History

by kainvamp In reply to Way to tell how often a p ...

you can go to C:\Documents and Settings\userprofile\Local Settings\History

and you can see what this particular user has done

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Journaling log?

by seanferd In reply to Way to tell how often a p ...

This is the first thing that comes to mind.

Can you describe what this looked like? Was it just text output in Notepad or cmd? Did he do this at the local PC without accessing a server?

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