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Ways of detecting plagiarism

By Aaron_Sc917 ·
Hi there,
How can we detect plagiarism more effectively?
Give some several ways of plagiarism detection.

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by TheChas In reply to Ways of detecting plagiar ...

You can't readily detect plagiarism as it is very difficult to trace the source of any written or posted work.

In our modern information age, the task is enormous simply because of the vast amount of information that exists.

The task of even cataloging the web-sites that might have a copy of any given work is tremendous.

Look at how much work the RIAA is having to do to simply try and reduce file sharing.

If we limit the task to items posted on the INTERNET, we would need a vast network of computers that would scan for postings on web pages and compare the posted content looking for duplicate copies of identical information.

Even then, if a few words were changed, the system would miss a plagiarized work.

That said, I believe that the majority of plagiarism is accidental and unintentional.
People forget where they found information, or who wrote it.


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