WBEM and WBEM repository.

By runny21 ·
hi guys,

offlate i have come accross with a weird issue of antivirus not updating and one of my friend suggested me to rebuild wbem/repository. i am in doubt..what is WBEM? and why is it necessary to rebuild the repository? what the repository holds inside it?
PLease help me regarding this. waiting for your reply.


~ R

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some info

by shasca In reply to WBEM and WBEM repository.

These are pretty generic instructions to do what you ask. It might help if you give us a little more info as to what program you are having problems with and the specific problem if the below does not help.

Go to control panel and open Administrative tools.
Click on services.
Go down to Windows Managament Instrumentation.
Stop this service. along with Security Center.
Exit out of this area to your desktop.
Right click Start and choose Explore.
Go down to c:\windows or Winnt\system32\wbem\repository.
Delete the Repository Folder
Go back to Services and restart the WMI program
Then re-boot the computer

To reinstall WMI issue these commands:

net stop winmgmt
rd %systemroot%\system32\wbem\Repository
net start winmgmt

Reinstalling WMI

You don't have to reboot for the WMI reinstallation to take effect.

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by runny21 In reply to some info

Hi Shasca,

Thanks a lot for the info .The issue is with sophos antivirus which is not updating and it says server not found. i fixed this issue yesterday.But i am curious to know what WBEM repository stores and how rebuilding of it helps?


~ R

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by shasca In reply to WBEM REPOSITORY?

It appears to me that the windows security system still is running the show and mananging Antivirus protection. So when you fix the repository it makes windows security happy again.

Should be Sophos running the show in your case

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by runny21 In reply to info

what is stored in WBEM repository??

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temp files

by shasca In reply to Query

A data management folder it appears.

This article is a little vague. It somewhat answers your question.

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Some answers.

by seanferd In reply to Query

These are standards for system management. Windows Management Instrumentation is the MS implementation of Web based Enterprise Management. This stores information about the system in relation to network management. In the case you mention, data about how Sophos update interacts with your installation (manages the Sophos aspects of your computer).

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3 Cheers to Seanferd.

by runny21 In reply to Some answers.

Hi Seanferd,

Thanks a million for the information. It answered my curosity. Now i got to know why my friend suggested me to clean up the repository. Antivirus could be an application which is managed by WMI.Thanks again seanferd...TECHREPUBLIC ROCKS ..because of ppl like you..


~ R

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Gee, thanks. :)

by seanferd In reply to 3 Cheers to Seanferd.

TR does rock! [_]3

Glad I could help.

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