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    WCDMA Technology and Nigeria


    by ozuma ·

    WCDMA wide coverage and high capacity takes care of Nigerian population distribution and reduces number of base stations required for effective coverage. Efficient spectrum utilization result to increased number of talkers per channel, lower tariff and increased subscriber base. With WCDMA the GSM operators can be Customer Focus and provide their customers easily and efficiently with Multimedia Messaging Service, Mobile Intranet/Extranet Access, Mobile Internet Access, Location-based Services (GPS) and Excellent QoS. It is obvious that Nigeria?s greatest strength is its Government and her over 150Million population, with fast growing teledensity . An investor in telecommunication sector is assured of adequate Return-on-investment. The investor would gain competitive advantage in the market if its services are customer based. The limitation imposed by WCDMA deployment which is WCDMA enabled terminal definitely will be taken care of by economy of scale. Moreover for average Nigerian the cost/price of handsets has never being a barrier to get connected through GSM with friends and beloved ones or for business purposes. WCDMA based network, with its priceless features is just a perfect match for the present and future Nigerian market.

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