WCS Version and migration templates

By mariner792005 ·
Im trying to use the migration templates in WCS Version to convert our autonomous AP's to LWAPP but when it gets to the point to load the image it fails and gives me this error in the log
ERROR: Device Response :: examining image...
%Error opening (Invalid IP address or hostname)archive download: takes 0 seconds
ERROR: Image Loading FAILURE.

i am pointing the template to my machine which is running the TFTP server with the correct image on it. i turn off my firewall when i have this started so that is not the issue. For the TFTP server lines i am putting in my computers ip, the file path is C:\TFTP-Root\ and the image (c1200-rcvk9w8-tar.123-11JX1.tar)copied straight from the file.

i also have been sucessful getting an ap to upgrade to lightweight using one of Cisco's upgrade tools so i know it can work. anyone having the same issues or have a solution to this problem?

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EXACT same issue with WCS latest release !!!

by spitm012 In reply to WCS Version and ...

can anyone help pls ? TFTP works perfect from another PC but will not load same image from WCS! WCS also managed to backup WLC config using TFTP

checked all settings / paths etc all seems fine !

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