By treehugginhip ·
I have a 320GB Western Digital My Book? Essential Edition External Hard Drive (WDG1U3200A). It has been working fine for about 5 days then did not use it for a week.

I'm using a HP Pavillon Laptop with windows vista home premium 1.66GHz 160GB 1G ram....

Suddenly I am not able to see the drive name on my " Computer" list. The USB detects the external HDD by showing an USB connection icon on the system tray with the usual sound.

In the device manager the HDD shows up under the "Disk Drives" as "WD" and "Device status" on the "General" tab says that the device is working properly.

I tried to populate the volumes on the "Volumes" tab and status shows up as "Unreadable" type "unknown"

The asume the HDD is running fine and i can hear the drive sound when i switch the power on the external HDD.

Resolving Methods Tried:

1. I checked if the disk management detects the external HDD, but it does not show up there.Only a disk icon with a little red arrow pointing down 'titled' "DISK 2 Unknown Unreadable
2.tried the Data Lifegurad Diagnostic quick test and failed on" 11-cable test " not sure what this is but changed USB lead and tired again same response
3. I uninstalled the USB driver and reinstalled. But still the problem persists.
4. I had tried to connect the external HDD to another (WXPs2p)laptop as well and it is not detectable on theis laptop either. So i guess the problem is with the external HDD.
5. i attempted to change the drive but can't as it is not recognised
6. have down loaded all applicable updates to Vista\microsoft ( I think) wich i thought may have resolved it.
7. Have been in contact with WD support with no resolving problems either
I don't have access to a Desktop PC.

I'm lost as to be able to solve the problem. And have valuble data i wish to retrive\use.

Experts - Please help .

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to WD 320GB HD

the wonderful thing about these hard drives is that they are in fact just that. hard drives.

"my book" costs $150
what's the value of your data?

I would crack the case and attack it like any regular hard drive instead of troubleshooting the usb connection.

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sounds like all you can do

by Dr Dij In reply to data

I was going to suggest trying to reformat it as it didn't show up on the other PC.

But he says he has data on it.

My advice is to get several of these and use them as backups.

I also had directory damaged on a USB HD when power went out when I was copying files. While my home PCs are on UPSes, the b/u drive was not. It still showed the directory but had wrong bytes free, so it was missing files. I reformatted and recopied the stuff over and is OK.

In fact I used a seagate 300 gb one as my primary drive for working on large presentations (many of them, 100mb+ each). Was rock solid, never lost anything but was interminably slow saving. and somewhat slow loading.

I've switched over to use a 750g internal drive, much faster and kept the USB drives as backups. Keep one offsite.

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Formating an unreadable

by treehugginhip In reply to sounds like all you can d ...

Well thanks for the tips guys, 80% of my data/files is on disk but would loose alot off new work and reinstal/copy files from disk is a tyring task. As for the work I loose "such is life"......
How do i go about formating the drive if i can't read it..?
Also to crack open the case ?(seems drastic but)? once inside what to do as i haven't seen inside a Portable HD ?

thanks for ya support

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check this

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Formating an unreadable

it looks like a hard drive.

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Ya Think

by treehugginhip In reply to check this

WELL good that i'm getting responses BUT i'm looking for inteligent answers to the simple questions i asked!!!!
what is a resonable procedure of fault finding the problem once i have opened the case? Knowing very well that it's a hard drive...

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here's the skinny

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Ya Think

1.) crack the case
2.) remove the hard drive by disconnecting the wires and any screws
3.) take the hd to a pc shop and ask them if they have an external case that the hd will work in.
4.) install the hd
5.) plug new stuff into your laptop via usb
6.) report your results.

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Same problem

by ericbrockmitchell In reply to here's the skinny

I have the exact same problem. Woke up in the morning and it no longer shows in explorer. I own another WD PRO II so I swapped the drives from both of them (I have the 1TB model) and still have the same problem. My problem is not in the case. I have been able to upgrade the Firmware, but that didn't help. I tried WD's Diagnostic and it doesn't show there either.

If you figure this problem out, please let me know!!!

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