WD Black Hard Drive

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I have an HP Omen with SSD. I have two WD Green hard drives that have worked great for months and still do. If I remove one and insert my new WD Black hard drive, it is recognized in BIOS and is shown in Windows 10. The hard drive works fine. I have put gigabytes of files on it. However, if I leave the computer alone for several hours, the hard drive disappears. A simple reboot brings it back. I can repeat this day after day. Why does it keep disappearing? Again, the WD Green hard drive doesn't have this problem in the exact same SATA slot.
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Re: WD Black Hard Drive

by BillyFeltrop In reply to WD Black Hard Drive

Dear @mark1578745312
As far as I know there are two options
1. You need to change the SATA slot and if possible so change the cable too.
2. You can install Windows 10 on WD Black Hard Drive and make it as primary drive or boot drive.

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