WD Elements External Hard Drive

By wundress ·

I have the above which has worked fine for the past year but suddenly it no longer seems to communicate with my computer. I've tried it with my partner's laptop too but neither computers seem to be able to find the drive.

Its a USB connection but I've tried the different ports and that doesn't work either.

It's quite urgent that I sort this out because it has all my uni work backed up on it (as well as my MP3s!)


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Well for starters plug it in nd look in Drive Management

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WD Elements External Hard ...

To see if it is actually seen by the computer.

If the Drive is Healthy you can allocate it a new Drive Letter from there but if it has been constantly unplugged without using the Safely Remove Option in Windows the Partition Information may be corrupt and you need to rebuild the Partition with some Data Recover Software.

If the drive has been left on constantly running it may have failed completely or the USB interface may have finally given up the ghost to all the heat & Vibration that it has been exposed to. Without knowing more here it's very hard to make any Recommendations though if the Drive doesn't show up in Drive Management you should download WD Data Lifeguard USB Testing Utility and check the functioning of the drive. Even if the drive fails this test it may only mean that the USB Interface Circuity has failed and you will still be able to access the Data on the Drive by removing it from it's enclosure and either fitting it to another USB/Firewire Enclosure or to a computer that supports that Drive Type Interface.

Of course if the Data on this drive is Super Important you should only test with the drive makers testing utility and then send it away to a Data Recovery House to get what they can of your data back.

WD Testing Utility is available to download from here



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