WD External HDD (Elements Portabale Not Working) its detects in Dsk Mngmnt

By ankurgarg.ism ·
HI! all
Please help I have an external HDD of WD Elements Series. My HDD is not showing up in Windows vista and XP (even on Linux). It is showing up in (1) Disk Management as Disk1 Unknown and Unreadable (2) Device Drivers also show it as Hardware Change whenever i plug it.
(3) Safely remove also shows it but I cant access to disk.

I have tried different USB port.
I have also tried using different cable to connect.

Please somebody help me with this problem..I have a very important dont want to format it. Plz help me..

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bad drive.

by Dedlbug In reply to WD External HDD (Elements ...

If this used to work, and now it doesn' sounds like the drive is bad. If you can't run CHKDSK or access it, call WD for support. Or call a data recovery specialist.

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Disk Management - Mounted, UnMounted?

by IamL3G3ND In reply to bad drive.

I'd agree with the above poster however its silly, but have you checked in Disk Management that the unit is already formatted and assigned a usable drive letter?

I once got a Seagate external that came out of the box without even been formated, leaving me to MOUNT the drive myself.

right click the drive in disk management to make sure the mount option isn't there.

( if the drive isnt mounted, the OS wont see it )

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assign drive letter

by mark In reply to Disk Management - Mounted ...

I have several series of backups for different servers. One requires I go into disk management and give it a drive letter. I then have to disconnect because it sees the drive but does not specify ntfs. If I disconnect and reconnect it will then have the drive letter and the ntfs.

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