wd portable hard drive isnt working

By haxdnoob ·
ok so im running my hd looking to see if a firmware update and a driver update was available....there was, and i ran a firmware update, and at first i thought i had all devices which do not need to be plugged in because of possible driver or whatever corruption unplugged so i ran the update

this had the unfortunate side-effect of killing my wd portable drive

i forgot that i had my 360 wireless pc receiver adapter plugged in (lol, noob move there.....my bad) and that messed up EVERYTHING on my wd portable drive, basically rendering my wd portable hard drive into nothing but a giant waste of space

im trying to find ways to fix this problem, but so far, none have worked.

i understand that there is a similar question to this and has been answered, but i simply don't trust programs that look REALLY old..... and end up recovering the data in separate folders (which is not the goal for my problem, i want it restored to when it was before this problem occurred) so im trying to find a way to bring my wd portable hard drive back from the dead in tip top shape, as it was before the entire thing got wasted, OR if possible, turn it into a portable hard drive with nothing but a lot of storage space.

please help me with this and i will try to fill in any missing pieces that you might notice in my dilemma

my drive is a 320 GB western digital my passport essential portable hard drive (in a green casing..... chose the color so i would be able to find it if i lost it.....the color stands out, that's why)

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Well assuming that the drive is actually working

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to wd portable hard drive is ...

And that the Data on it isn't Important you can run CHKDSK /r from the command prompt and see if that works. If it doesn't then you have to consider some form of Data Recovery Software or if you do not want to recover the Data just open the Drive Management and format the drive.

Of course if the Data is Important you really should packup the drive and send it to a professional it will work out cheaper.


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Try this WD Solution

by Chris910 In reply to wd portable hard drive is ...

Try this solution from Western Digital

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by haxdnoob In reply to Try this WD Solution

well i thought it got permantely killed, but i see that (in a way) the drive locked itself to prevent any data from getting corrupted

i unplugged the 360 receiver from my pc, ran a firmware update, and that fully restored my drive

YAY it's fixed, so now i want to know, IF there is a way to format it so there is no pre-installed software, just pure storage space to be messed around with whenever i want

i may be happy with my current portable drive, but im planning on getting a new portable one with MUCH more space

i want it to become nothing more than pure storage space

also when it was fixed, it shows that it has 2 partitions or whatever you call em on the one drive

G: <---------- has the wd smartware and is like its own cd drive

H: <---------- is the remaning leftover storage space (currently at 292 from 297 GB free storage)

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smartware is not removable . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to FIXED!!!!! YAY'S
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by oldbaritone In reply to wd portable hard drive is ...

Glad to hear that everything was restored.

Next time, I hope you'll follow the instructions of "Make a COMPLETE backup of your system BEFORE starting the upgrade process."

There is a reason why the instructions always say that...


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