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WD USB Hard Drive and wireless network conflict.

By hrisan ·
I had the weirdest problem with my external USB hard drive - WD10000H1U-00 SN: WCAU42171237. Recently I started having wireless network problems with my Dynalink 1025W ADSL router. At some point the router just locks up and all the traffic just stops, you can browse internally but you can see packet loss. Of course I though that my router went funny because of torrent traffic and etc. but when I started testing it seemed that the torrent client didn???t affect the performance ??? means that it was bad all the time. So I though that the router is a goner and was planning to buy new. Then suddenly by chance discovered that when the computer to which is connected the hard drive is OFF the network works quite well. So I started troubleshooting the system and turning ON and OFF all the components. The first component that I removed was the wireless card ??? of coarse you would think that this may disrupt the wireless network, but no it was the same, then all web cams, mouse, keyboard and etc ??? still the same. At the end I unplugged my Western Digital My Book 1TB USB 2 HDD and the network started working.
I got shocked ???, I am IT Support Engineer and I had never seen such thing, the hard drive was causing wireless interference and was locking up the ADSL modem. To test it I got another 2 computers on the wireless network, started several torrents on each and waited to load the router, then plugged the HDD in the USB port and the traffic speed went down to 0 in 5 seconds. I did that test at least 10 times and it was absolutely the same. The HDD is 5 meters away from the ADSL router also in the past I changed 3 Wireless keyboard and mouse sets because I was quite unhappy with their poor performance. The hard drive ended up in the box and I just throw away the enclosure. I guess the board which was converting the SATA to USB was causing all that trouble.
I hope that helps to somebody else ??? never underestimate any device ??? it could cause the weirdest problem.

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I don't suppose you tried connecting this drive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WD USB Hard Drive and wir ...

To another computer did you?

It's quite possible that a Hardware Conflict with the one that it was connected to is the issue here and not the interface Card between the USB Lead and HDD.

If that's the case it's more to do with the individual Hardware Configuration not the external drive.

Of course I could be completely misreading your post here.


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I don't think it could be hardware conflict

by hrisan In reply to I don't suppose you tried ...

I didn't connect the HDD to another PC and can't see how it will be a hardware conflict, because the traffic was affected on all computers on the network and the PC on which the hard drive was connected didn't had any network cards running during that time - that was the first thing that I removed. So somehow that box was transmitting a signal close to the signal range of the WiFi.
Also I have seen systems with hardware conflicts and usualy there are other issues - blue screens, system crashes and this PC is running almost 2 years without that type of problems.

Anyway the enclosure is in the rubbish bin and the hard drive is working fine directly connected to the SATA :)

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