we are upgrading a raid array and...

By KoronaXtra ·
I have a server, 1 RAID 1 for the OS (c), 2 RAID 5 for data (E,F). I want to destroy E and upgrade the drives from 73GB to 300GB, simple enough, right? but when I am in the RAID manager it tells me that when I destroy E it's going to rename F to E (I hope that all makes sense). I don't want to change any drive letters as there are clients that have access to my F drive.

Ideally we would just backup the data, kill both arrays and rebuild the arrays with the drive letters we wanted. However, these particular arrays are production sensitive and the amount of data isn't conducive for a quick backup/restore.

My IT manager and I have discussed this over and we have decided to look for possible workarounds/suggestions from the TR members.

What do you think guys?

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A thought...

by ---TK--- In reply to we are upgrading a raid a ...

Let it change the drive letter just to get through the process. Once "the process" is complete go back and use "Disk Management" to change the drive letter to what ever you need it to be.

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that was my thought.

by KoronaXtra In reply to A thought...

I guess the major concern is that SQL will throw a fit with the drive letter changes. I was thinking that we could kill the services and change the drive letters, then restart the services when we had the changes complete...Ultimately it shouldn't have any effect on the DB's if we change the drive letter back before we attempt to access the DB's again...right?

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Safe Mode...

by ---TK--- In reply to that was my thought.

Anything non-essential should not start including SQL... RPC services don't even start in safe mode.

So I might try: build it, let it change, upon reboot start tapping F8, boot into safe mode, and change the drive letter...

Added: Back up all your drives and data before blowing anything away just in case you have to build from the ground up. Also I have never tested what you are doing, it is pure speculation... But I'm pretty sure it should work, lol, again purely speculation!

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I always forget about safe mode

by KoronaXtra In reply to Safe Mode...

but that may work...

I will talk to my boss tomorrow and see what he thinks.

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Or you could shut down the server

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to we are upgrading a raid a ...

Disconnect the F Drive and then remove the D Array and configure the new one and then shut down and reattach the F Drive.

Destroying any Array is going to move any subsequent Drives up the Drive Chain so you have to remove them before doing anything more.

Of course if F is some sort of Array you have a problem.


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yeah...about that F drive...

by KoronaXtra In reply to Or you could shut down th ...

it is a RAID 5 array...

I got a little excited until that last note.

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OK then you can try this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to yeah...about that F drive ...

But the RAID Controller may not support it.

Remove one of the Disc's in the Array that you want to enlarge and fit a New drive and allow the Controller to rebuild the Array. Then change the other drives one at a time and allow the controller to rebuild the Array again.

When the system is restarted use a Tool like GParted to enlarge the Array to maximum size of the Disc Space available.

That may work if they are the same type of Drives. Of course if they are SCSI and you are replacing them with SATA things are unlikely to work but it all depends on the RAID Controller.

OH G Parted is available for free download here if you don't already have a copy

If you are using different type drives with the new size I think you'll find you are completely stuffed though.


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Sata drives to sata drives

by KoronaXtra In reply to OK then you can try this

so that shouldn't pose a problem. I'm downloading gparted now to get a look around the interface.

This should happen within the next few days.

I'll update with results.

Thanks to both of you for all your help.

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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sata drives to sata drive ...

We try to confuse at every opportunity.

Lets know how you get on.


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by KoronaXtra In reply to Or you could shut down th ...

gparted worked great when testing, however when it came time to resize the disk, gparted only saw the logical size (i.e. the original 140GB array) and not the actual physical size.

We are just going to backup the data, kill and rebuild each array, then copy the data back.

Bummer because with all the DB's it takes over 4 hours to backup and another 2-3 to copy off the drives, not to mention the time it will take to re-attach all the DB's...

Any other ideas before we embark on this journey??

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