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We are watching you

By zlitocook ·
I decided to start discussion that is on every ones mind but not talked about much in the IT field. I would like to hear what you think and why. I do not like to think any one looks at what I do, where I go or whom I talk to. I understand the security side of it but where will it stop? I know the US has done it for twenty years with three presidents but it was for a selected few and stopped after they were found. I was thinking (always a bad thing;)) if I email text or call a person about what happened in another country. I could be flagged for a tap.
I like reading other countries news, it give a great idea of what they think and what they think about us!
I was reading the Register and thought this article was interesting.

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Dream World

by mjd420nova In reply to We are watching you

Where has everyone been since Watergate?? I
decided long ago (mid 60's) that everything I do and say is public..The phone is the least secure of all and the computer was next. Cell phone are subject to eavesdropping and even hijackings.
Don't be disillusioned that you are not being watched or listened to, no matter where you are.
The computer may provide some privacy and some
seperation from your true identity but it can and has been investigated by any number of government agencies that want to find out who you
are, can and will find you, LEGAL or not.
One of the first things I did before allowing
my children on the computer was to agree to never
divulge their last names, address, phone numbers,
birth places, social security number, drivers or
ID numbers, and banking info(credit or checking)
of them or anyone they know or don't know. This
sounds harsh but has kept the e-mail accounts
and managable levels and snail mail non-existant.
Think about that for a second, that just about
covers you're entire existance on the Internet
but I know it's the only way to go.

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by illilli In reply to We are watching you

Let's make a few assumptions about our government.

Assumption 1 - The government has the capability to search through every e-mail, text message, IRC chat and phone transcript.

They do not have this ability.

Assumption 2 - The government can at-will tap any information source used by a U.S. Citizen.

The President has to have probable cause before he can issue permission for your privacy to be invaded. Probable cause is when a suspected criminal contacts you or you contact a suspected criminal. If you are not contacting terrorist persons, then I think you will be safe. If you accidently contact a terrorist person, then you could be the target of scrutiny by the government only so long as to determine that you accidently contacted them.

I don't know about all of you people, but I don't really say or write anything in my e-mails that would interest anyone in the government anyway. Heck, the stuff I write doesn't even interest the people I send it to. I don't have a problem with a "reasoned" invasion of my privacy. I vote to temporarily invade someone's privacy if there is reason to believe that we can gain information useful in combating terrorism.

I didn't lose anyone in the 9/11 attacks, and I don't want to lose anyone ever. I don't want anyone else to lose anyone either. I signed a paper once that said I would give my life for my country. I guess if I was willing to do that, then a little invasion of privacy is nothing.

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I agree

by cherokee_tribute In reply to Misunderstood

I totally agree. I look at it this way. In my simplistic mind (no comments) if I'm doing something - anything that would cause me embarrassment or arrest, then I shouldn't be doing it anyway. If I'm not doing anything like that, I don't care one way or the other. Our world has gotten to small and our lives too short to be worrying about who's peeking or listening or reading our e-mails.

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I agree - I Disagree

by tojo In reply to I agree

I agree if your not doing anything illegal you shouldn't worry 'bout who's watching,BUT there has to be a limit. I am very aware of how we are being watched. After my "Tour of Duty" in S.E.Asia we were debriefed and was told that for 5 yrs. we would be watched by the C.I.A or C.I.D. because of knowledge we retained about certain things. Afterwards I worked for the Federal Govt.
And on one occasion I had filed a complaint with the Inspector General, and during my discussion he read something right out of my Personnel File, when I asked him why that info was released, he cited the "Old It is Available To Anyone with the Need to Know!" So there is and always will be a way for Uncle Sam to stick his nose in Your/Mine Affairs.

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So who's delusional?

by Dr_Zinj In reply to Misunderstood

Sorry, but the government does have the capability to intercept ALL e-mail, text messages, IRC chat and phone transcripts.

Are they using it? Supposedly only in certain specific cases that they will admit to. Which tells me that they are using it in a whole lot of other cases that they aren't admitting to - "in the interests of national security."

Read the news. The whole brouhaha about this is because the President authorized the domestic spying to happen without any oversight in the first place! "Probable Cause" my big toe! Plain, Flat, and Simple, the President exceeded his authority in giving the CIA permission to break the law requiring them to obtain warrants prior to initiating monitoring.

I gave 22 years of my life to actively defending The System that runs this country. I'll damn well fight to defend what little freedom I still have left and to make sure that The System runs the way it was INTENDED to run.

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Thank you mhoust!

by Starbuckin In reply to So who's delusional?

I didn't serve in the military as a soldier, but I was raised in the army, kindergarten through high school. Being a military dependent has an impact on your worldview and your sense of what our country is about. It also requires something different, and something more, of you than being raised in a civilian community - and doesn't come with any of the recognition that a soldier might receive for serving his/her country. Point being, military families make a sacrifice, too, and none of us do so thinking that we are doing it just to have the leader of our country turn around and drive a stake through the heart of our civil liberties. The notion that all you have to do is behave yourself and then you have nothing to worry about is flat wrong. The right to privacy is a huge big deal and our government should repect it. Period. Of the people, by the people, for the people? Not right now. Sorry.

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Yes, We Are All Under the Microscope

by Nasty Jack In reply to We are watching you

As a former broker of mailing lists and personal data in the junk mail industry, turned activist, I can assure you they are looking at us...from every angle.

With over 25,000 lists and demographic and lifestyle databases available on the open market, anyone with a purpose and enough money, can track you from the moment you get out of bed in the morning to when you retire again in the evening. They do it by combining all this private information with data mining techniques that fall just short of human reasoning. It's called artificial intelligence or neural networks.

These databases can store tons of data and arrange the information it has on you for quick recall. That enables any company?literally, any individual with even limited access to your records?to retrieve your personal data and place you under the microscope. With a spying technique more powerful than the telescope at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., you can be undressed, little by little, until there is nothing left to the imagination.

Anyone concerned can join my grass-roots effort to pass federal legislation giving consumers control over their names and personal data, and pay them for its use. See more on my blog, The Dunning Letter at:

Jack E. Dunning

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With due respect to Queen

by Dr_Zinj In reply to We are watching you

Buddy you?re a boy make a big noise
Annoying the president on the 'Net today
You got egg on your face
You big disgrace
We?re gonna come and put a bug in your place

We will we will watch you
We will we will watch you

Buddy you?re a young man hard man
Shouting on the news gonna take on the C.I.A.
We?ll hit your eyes with some mace
You big disgrace
Don't bother beam'n your banner into space

We will we will watch you
We will we will watch you

Buddy you?re an old man poor man
Pleadin? with your eyes to stay out of the prison today
We?ll put blood on your face
You big disgrace
Uncle Sams gonna put you back into your place

We will we will watch you
We will we will watch you

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