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We need more computer

By zlitocook ·
Technicians. Bill Gates has posted that there is not enough computer energizers coming out of the US! I think this is because the people from the US need more money then the people from India or other third world countries.
Yes they are learning faster because they cleave the dirt floors and oppressive governments. But they people from those countries learn from books and that dose not relate to on site job experience.

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Management needs to get with it

by mjd420nova In reply to We need more computer

I have seen too many management teams that think hiring immigrants for one third the going rate for skilled people is the way to go. Many large companies that subscribed to that thinking have gone by the wayside. I have nutured a large cross section of customers who have a load of horror stories to tell about some of the bigger service outfits and help desks that couldn't even speak passable english and weren't even located in this country. Eventually they will see the light or go under. A few are very large and bank on the percentages of good machines shipped to keep the service exposure to a minimum. My hats are off to their QC departments, but to put it bluntly, their service SUXS.

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We have too many computer technicians

by jdmercha In reply to We need more computer

What we don't have are enough intelligent business managers who recognize the strategic advantages they can gain from integrating technology into their business.

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