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We only have 200mb of space left on our server!

By jehewitt ·
We outsource our IT and yesterday during a remote session I found out we only have 200mb of storage space on the C: drive left. Our company has about 30 computers and we don't need insane ammounts of storage but it would be nice to be able to upgrade in the future so maybe hot-swappable/addable hard drives would be nice. Are there any servers you would suggest? What do you feel like is a safe ammount of free space on a server's hard drive? Does anyone have any IT management companies they'd recommend in the Chicagoland area? THANKS!

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I just bought one

by jdmercha In reply to We only have 200mb of spa ...

I just bought a Dell PowerEdge 2600. Nice price (under $2000) good expandability. Hot swaps are nice but don't always work. If you can it is much bwtter to shut down when adding or replacing a drive.

IMHO, drives are relatively cheap. I'll always get twice what I think we might need. But I don't go much further than that because if space is available it will get filled up with junk. I am then comfortable as long as I have at least 10% free space on my dirve. If it goes lower I look for junk to delete, or a new drive to add.

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Nice machine

by house In reply to I just bought one

For a Dell.

I like the Poweredge series myself, and I'm not a fan of Dell at all. I'm just glad you didn't go with a Proliant.

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We have proliants and they suck.

by mrafrohead In reply to Nice machine

I hate them. Unreliable, problems constantly. Have to reboot them constantly. Memory errors, AIT drives work like crap.

Though the AIT drives are more of a Novell problem, I still can't stand the servers... bleh

What a waste o' money.

The dell's we have seem to be doing okay, but I personally would rather build my own and build all of that snazzy "feature rich" stuff right into it. If it's for a smaller busines... Otherwise, for large to insanely huge, prefab as they're "easier" to deal with in large quantities.

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Maybe least expensive solution

by electricdragon In reply to We only have 200mb of spa ...

If Hot Swap will work for you, you can usually pick up Kingston Data Express frames and trays at eBay dirt cheap. it's where I bought mine and the nice feature is they use regular IDE drives not spendy SCA drives. You'd need 1 open 5-1/4 bay for the frame, and you can swap any number of tray's in and out.
Just a thought,

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