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We should all receive $22 million to play with

By ichoselife ·
Venrock (a Rockefeller Family partner), Massey Burch, Dali-Hook Partners, Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, RedHat, MySql, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi and others all provided funding to a convicted securities fraud who wasted $22 million in 7 months.

Then, to add to the embarassment, pays off the fraud to leave, instead of just giving him the boot like the whistle-blowers were. And the fraud still gets to profit from the investment.

Yet all of these companies claim to have ethical guidelines which they adhere to.

But shouldn't we all get $22 million to play around with??

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Do you personally know the circumstances that transpired??

by lisamills1930 In reply to We should all receive $22 ...

How do you know about this situation?...something you read or personally? I ask because I know some of the people involved in that situation and it may not be as you think it is. How do you know that Channler is actually continuing to profit?...If that company that lent the money didn't do proper checks...that is their fault, (my understanding is someone got a huge tax write-off) but....don't be so sure that the people that allegedly commited fraud are or ever "continued" to profit....unless you know something I don't .... Just curious :)

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