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"Weather-tolerant" Printer

By tekwitpurpose ·
Our receiving department has moved to a new location in our plant and the new location is highly dependent on a printer printing out receipts for delivered items. However the area that the printer is located in is not insulated by office walls or anything and the printer is exposed to whatever the temperature is for the day, so if it is freezing outside the printer will be exposed to that. If it is extremely hot outside, the printer is exposed to that also. Can you recommend a printer that is tolerant to temperature changes? I have ordered an HPLJ 1320n but not sure if that is good enough.

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Isoleat your printer

by creative8008 In reply to "Weather-tolerant" Printe ...

although printers Manufacturers has some usage limitations i dont know if there are printers for hot or cooled temp. but you can isoleat your printer by palcing it into a temp resestant box so that temp. inside this box is always same.

hope this help.

Good Luck and best regards.

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Not sure about this but...

by jdmercha In reply to "Weather-tolerant" Printe ...

I think you need to look at impact printers. Ink ribbons should be more tolerant of temerature swings than dry toner.

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You may want to consider thermal

by TonytheTiger In reply to "Weather-tolerant" Printe ...

printers. Not as many parts, and no ink, but the paper is more expensive. We have (traffic) signal inspectors who are constantly checking the timing on one controller or other, and we bought some of thoise small A-6 sized printers. The print size is about 25% of regular print, but should be OK for receipts.

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Why a traditional printer?

by printshopdiva In reply to You may want to consider ...

Have you thought of a networked copier. A lot of the smaller copiers have a great footprint and are more tolerant of the environment than a traditional printer - can be networked and used for fax, scan and other applications.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Why a traditional printer ...

Well, in our application, the technician gets out of a truck at an intersection to repair or make adjustments to a traffic signal controller, then prints out the settings and leaves it at the site.

The printer we use is completely self contained, and fits easily in a coat pocket and is very rugged (they have been dropped into the snow, used in rain, etc. all with no apparent damage). The reason I mentioned it is that the output is very similar to what you get from the cash register at most retail outlets.

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by tekwitpurpose In reply to "Weather-tolerant" Printe ...

I appreciate all the ideas and suggestions!

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