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why can I only get as a web page to log into my mail, and why can I come I can search with yahoo serch and able seach into another. and why can't iI enter into any websites ,why only Yahoo uk? using hp pavillion advant. Also MSN internet connection wizward work, but will not log into MSN mail.? This is too wierd only one page works. Help

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Can I assume is your internet provider?

by seanferd In reply to web

If so, that is why. You can only log into a mail server where you have an account. Sign up for Microsoft Hotmail (or whatever they call it now) or any free email provider, and you can get mail through them as well. You will have a different email address for every different provider you have.

If you want MSN, you will have to sign up and pay for the service. They may offer free email, I don't know. But you still have to sign up. You will have to go to any provider's web page to access your email for that particular provider. Type the address into the address bar, or get there through Yahoo or Google search, then save the page to your Favorites for easy access.

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enternet connection but cant browse

by dadamedan@gmail In reply to Can I assume is ...

Hi thanks for replying, I thinks my set up is wrong, > My provider is Cox and verizon using a router and also i connection directly to Lan. in the U.S. thats where the confusion is. I can only connect to yahoo. Uk and not browse. It Just show the homepage and if i change it. the website cannot be displayed. This is my first time trying to figure out the correct connection for my wireless labtop. Can u help thanks Dan

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DNS Settings wrong, or Virus/Spyware DNS Hijack

by robo_dev In reply to enternet connection but c ...

Was this all working before, or is this a new setup?

When browsers start misbehaving and going to sites on their own, that sounds a lot like a browser and/or DNS hijack caused by a virus and/or spyware.

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Additional questions.

by seanferd In reply to enternet connection but c ...

In addition to robo_dev's good points, I have a few questions.

You say that your ISP is Cox and Verizon. Are you saying that you have:

1) A broadband cable connection from Cox with a cable modem and router, and that you use both an ethernet cable and a wireless card to connect to the router?

2) An entirely wireless internet connection with Verizon?

3) Another connection through a corporate LAN, provided by your employer? Or do you just mean the LAN connection to the router in your home?

You are saying that you have an Internet provider in the UK, but you are currently in the States? If this is the case, you will probably need to log in to one of your ISPs in the states for Internet access, and then you can go to your UK homepage and log in there to access your UK account.

If you can answer the questions posed by robo_dev and myself, we'll be on the way to getting you set up.

One more question: How are you posting on TechRepublic? Are you using one of your ISPs, or are you using someone else's computer?


edit: Is it correct that you are using Win98?
I noticed this in a Discussion post you started in Novenber. Was that issue also resolved?

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