Web application responding slow after a specific time every day

By vksumanlal ·

Now I am going through a critical situation that has no answer for me , but I believe that you can help me in this

We have an ERP solution running in my network. Oracle E business.

Server ? HP prolient G5 2 GB ram with 2 partitions

Partition c = 72 GB .. Mirrored (2 x 72 GB sas 15 K rpm HDD)

Partition d= RAID5 (3 x 72 GB sas 15 K rpm HDD + 1 x 72 GB sas 15 K rpm HDD as stand by)
OS .. windows 2000 Advanced server. SP- 4 Upto date in patching

IIS version = 5.0.
Oracle 9i DB

Forms 6i as frond end

It was running smoothly. Our working tome is GMT 8 am to 5 pm. Some of the top level managers are doing their checking after 5 pm everyday up to 9 pm

Around 50 employees are accessing the ERP daily from their desktop through Web based interface (http:apps:13000)

Past one month after 5 pm the server is responding very slowly .. this will happen any moment after 5 PM daily up to next day 8 am to 8.30 am.

The server is only running Oracle , no other application except Symantec antivirus server.

From any networked PC after 5 pm the ERP is very slow?. (log in to the erp, menu drill down, taking different menus every thing works fast? while saving data, opening a report it is taking min 30 sec ? in normal condition after 8 am these reports will opening in 3 sec)

While using 2 tire all the reports , saving is happening very fast ? when coming to 3 tire getting big delay..

EVEN IN THE SERVER ITSELF is SLOW during this time
Following I did to overcome the situation
Restarting the server almost 2- 3 times ?. No change in performance

Deleting temp cache and files ?. No change in performance

Deleting Oracle TEMP .. No change in performance

Removing antivirus (uninstall) ?. ...No change in performance

Removing unwanted win services ?No change in performance

Removing windows firewall ?No change in performance

After disk defragment and disk check ?No change in performance

Changed system memory ?No change in performance

Reinstalled IIS and reconfigured ---- This worked for me for one week and after the same delay happening after 5 PM everyday

Pls can you suggest a solution for me ?

We are using win2003 domain and all the users are authenticated by the domain.

Thx and regards

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by joshnankivel In reply to Web application respondin ...

No other network applications are impacted? Are they intensive enough that you would even notice? Does latency on the network change from when things are quick to when the problem happens?

I worked for a company who implemented a NAS or something similar where it would back up data across the network for shared drives, databases, etc. and when it became active, certain applications would time out, etc. We had major problems with apps that had browser-based front-ends.

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Only the oracle application

by vksumanlal In reply to Questions

Only the oracle application is impacted.
After 5 pm any time it can happen. Through web browser i can log in to the program and nicely move to any menus/ sub menus... it is fast. while taking a report / saving a data, it is taking more than 30 sec... it is ubnormal.. bcz nornally it is opening in 3 sec.. In my earlier post I stated after reinstalling IIS the problem didnt happen for one week.. yesterday i reinstalled the IIS again and re configured the server and did 3 restarts. now the problem still unchanged.. now it is 8 AM in the morning and the slowness of taking the report is still there. From now any moment this will come to normal... I dont know what is happening exactlt

At this time application in the server itself is slow.

pls help me


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Does a client can affect server performance?

by vksumanlal In reply to Only the oracle applicati ...

I observed that when one pc with XP sp2 is shuting down the slowness starts in oracle application. How i can find out what is happening really which is inversly affecting my application's performance.
Its a desktop PC, Dell optiplex Gx 520, XP installed and patched. Office, Adobe reader, a printer software, and an accounting software are installed in it.
This slowness will continue the next day when the person switch on his PC

Is there any logic in it ...

anybody have any Idea to solve this issue

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Test this weekend

by joshnankivel In reply to Does a client can affect ...

See if it happens this weekend when the person doesn't log in. My guess is that it still will. I doubt any single client PC is causing server slowness.

Symantec is known for causing problems, I would take the advice of the other commenter. You can disable pieces of the service and not catch it all. Personally, I refuse to use Symantec any longer, for anything.

I would call them, and/or completely remove it temporarily for testing. Complete uninstall, not disable.

Josh Nankivel
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Tests which i done

by vksumanlal In reply to Test this weekend

Thanks for your reply
I have 2 more servers which are Domain cantrollers and Symantec antivirus servers.
In this application server also Symantec Antivirus corp edn 10.2 is running
all the client PCs are running Symantec antivirus 10.2 client... updating and scanning everyday.

It was very surpricing that While i was working with the oracle application, at 5.34 PM, every thing was fine .. I got slowness all on a sudden and I saw One of my employee is clossing his door to leave home. I took his key and switch on his machine ... i didnt log on to network / windows... i came and checked the application... working smooth and fast.. I shut down that PC again and saw real time the application is getting slower.

If Symantec antivirus is making this issue... What is the logic ... For testing which are the antivirus I want to uninstall. Server side / client side..

Why it is happening ... and what i should do to solve this issue



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network Issue?.

by vksumanlal In reply to Questions

I contacted Symantec for a solution. They are telling that if there is any compatablity issue, the application will run slow through out the day. And some entries will be created in the event log. here in my case both are not present.
Yesterday we tries to run the oracle web application in the local server after removing network connection. we changed the iis IP to and tested the application. It was working fine even the server is not on the network

I am still suspecting that somethig network issue is there which is causing the application slowness

pls help me




Yesterday we did some tests to point out what is the problem exactly for the slowness

During that specific PC is off application (only running report, saving data) is slow. all the other network resources can access fast as normal. even we can browse through the menus fast in the application . the reports even though it is small/ large it is taking 30 sec instad of 3 sec normal.

My server IP is and I removed the network connection from the server and access the application through local host. (instad of http:apps:13000, i used http: then i found the application is fast as normal.

what doed it means

can anybody help me




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Symantec antivirus server

by Kenone In reply to Web application respondin ...

We have a winner!
Tell him what he's won Brad
Well, Tim he's won a server that will slow to a crawl or even completely stop whenever virus updates are processed. Also a free all expense paid trip to the "End Point".
Seriously contact Symantec, this is a known issue and you may be able to fix it.

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test results

by vksumanlal In reply to Symantec antivirus server

dear Sirs,

I have experimented more testes and I wish to update you all

when an Xp desktop is removed from the network, My Oracle application is showing slow responce.

I switch on the desktop, and the application was running very fast. I removed the network cable to another switch port, another new switch, and tested... there is no change in behaviour of application.
I changed the NIC card .. No change
I removed the IP and re assign the IT from DHCP pool. No change
I removed all the installed Programs... No change
I removed Symantec from Client and server
No change
I removed the client from the Domain and added to defauly work group.. No change

pls help me to solve this issue



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Have you looked inside Oracle?

by dkiz In reply to Web application respondin ...

As a former Oracle DBA, the first thing I would do is look inside the instances.

Check for sessions that may be consuming a lot of resources. For example, does the database automatically collect statistics? It is possible (even likely) that this job begins a 17:00 daily. If you are seeing a lot of buffer gets or disk reads, you may be slow just because the server is busy.

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