Web based Help desk (ticketing) software - reasonably priced.

By jefeolson ·
Hello everyone,

I'm looking for advice on web based help desk software of the issue/ticket tracking variety.

I have two factors that I really care about: Easy interface for the client/customer and price. I'm working for a fairly small organization and we just can't afford some of the higher priced software.

I really like the customer interface and the tech interface on Web Help Desk by MacsDesign Studio, but the price on the software is just too much.

The software lets the user self-register, then once logged in presents the client with only three fields: Problem type, Subject and Problem Report. Problem type is a dropdown box that allows the user to select the main problem type, and then opens up a new dropdown box to allow further specification. So let?s say the user chooses Software as the problem type, they can then specify via the new drop-down, Microsoft Office, and then they could even specify further, Word, Error Message.

The product is great and really easy to use, but I just can?t afford something like that, so I?m looking at suggestions that are similar in functionality, but lower in cost.

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Check Out

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Web based Help desk (tick ...

Ilient SysAid

Does what you want at a low cost Demos are:

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Free and robust

by pc21geek In reply to Check Out

I used this for the last company i worked for. ( were using a three part paper request form. This is easy to setup, scaleable, customizeable, and works great. Best part its free. It can use MS Access or MS SQL for the back end. Might even be able to port it to use MySQL.

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Using liberium since 2002

by ishaikh In reply to Free and robust

we have been using liberium in my company since 2002, its simple to install and integrates well with windows NT domain or Active directory authentication.

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Would Bugzilla work?

by RexWorld In reply to Web based Help desk (tick ...

I don't know if it would work for your needs but you might want to evaluate Bugzilla:

It came out of the Mozilla effort, it's the software they use to track bugs. We used it at my last employer to track work requests--people would file Bugzillas with their requests and engineers would be assigned to each ticket. You could then update the ticket with the status, you could search for tickets by keyword, etc.

And of course if you're handy with that kind of thing you can heavily customize the templates that Bugzilla uses so that the pages match your corporate style.

Best of all it's open source, so it's free.

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Bugzilla as a Helpdesk System

by acacord In reply to Would Bugzilla work?

The OSDL has actually modified Bugzilla for use in this area.
Go take a look...

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by jolson In reply to Web based Help desk (tick ...

Thanks to all of you that have replied so far!

I like the Ilient product. Clean interface, easy to understand. The only think I can't seem to figure out is if a client/customer can self register.

Bugzilla could be good too, but with all work I have to do, I don't think I'd have the time to tweak it to my needs.

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HP Helpdesk

by The Admiral In reply to Thanks!

I use XP Helpdesk for my customers - no complaints

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Try PerlDesk

by waity85 In reply to Web based Help desk (tick ...

We use PerlDesk, it does everything you could ask for. Usual ticketing type stuff, clients creating own accounts, knowledge base, automatic email notification etc.

It does cost (not sure how much as thats not my issue) however I'm reliably(ish) informed the cost is minimal, under ?100.

If you want more specifics give me a shout.

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If you don't consider cost as an effective part !!!!

by Maulik Bhatt In reply to Web based Help desk (tick ...

I think you will need This will be helpful. let us know about it.


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Cerberus Helpdesk

by acacord In reply to Web based Help desk (tick ...

The Web Help Desk app that you mentioned was my
favorite, until I saw the price tag. That's when I stumbled
on Cerberus Helpdesk (
We bought it, even though there is a free license. We
decided to fork over some cash, since it's such a nice
product, and well supported, too.

We've expanded the use of our helpdesk software to cover
other areas that IT doesn't directly support. Right now,
we have a department who supports a proprietary web
application using our Cerberus deployment for their
ticketing. Hope this helped.

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