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Web Based Indoctrination

By gutzgutz ·
I am putting together a site for my commands indoctrination process. But a method of control needs to be implemented to track users. Is there a way to limit access to links on a site. For instance Link 2 is only available after visiting link 1 and so on.

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by loptr.chaote In reply to Web Based Indoctrination

This can be done in several ways, but none of them are really fool proof.

The easiest way would be to check the referer in http-header. This can easily be done with PHP using the $_REQUEST variable for instance. (The referer contains what url the user came from..)

Cookies would be another way to set "checkpoints", but relying on cookies is never really a good idea since they might get filtered somewhere on the way.

(Referers are sometimes filtered too by ad-blocking/privacy proxies..)

The more "secure" way to do it would be to use a Session cookie (with a unique identifier) and store the visitors progress/history in a database to check against on each page load.

The two first one is somewhat easy [if you know http] to circumvent, the cookie solution is probably easiest and the last one is definately a bit tricky.

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