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web-based proxy server???

By dhony41 ·
Hi there,
I'm wondering if there's a facility for a web-based proxy server for small business users. I've afew clients with only a couple of PC's who want to be able to manage web pages being accessed. I know we can do it through IE, but what I was thinking was that if I can route their web traffic through a web based proxy server I can manage it much more simply remotely, and bundle it with other web-based services.

Anyone know if this is possible? I know there are web-based services to help make your web-browsing anonymous,so if they can work that way I'm sure they could work my way too?

I'd appreciate any thoughts/feedback

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internal not external

by dhony41 In reply to Check....

Thanks for the response. What i actually want though is to be able to route the PC's to a proxy server that's outside of their network, so all web-browsing traffic gets directed through a web-based proxy server, (similar to incoming mail traffic being routed through web-based AV & anti-spam scanners). I'm not even sure if this is possible or if it would cause too much of a time delay in accessing each page, or how you would configure each IE client to direct it to the external proxy server. At this stage I'm just wondering about the concept.

I came across Anonymizer which enables you to browse anonymously by using an external proxy server, so that's the concept I'm after, but not the objective. What I want is to be able to set up a standard default rulebase that can be used by all my SME clients and will allow them to visit approved sites, or block unapproved sites.

Hope all my ramblings make some kind of sense

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What about...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to internal not external

Could you not then just set up a proxy web server that is truly accessible from the web (say port 8080, 443) and point the SME machines to this (as they have internet access anyway). That way instead of going to x website they will go to your web server first for checking. The 'external web server' should be no more difficult than an internal to set up.

Beware not to leave the proxy server open to anybody are who knows what users you will get!

For your scanning & blocking needs a commercial program such as surfcontrol may be of some help.

For an even easier solution look at an appliance device such as Barracuda.

All depends on what the budget is...

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Sounds good

by dhony41 In reply to What about...

So then I can use the firewall on that connection to only allow my clients ip in, (assuming they have a fixed IP from their ISP). I have my proxy server behind that and their incoming requests get routed to that, which then serves the requested page back to them. And as you've said I can use Surfcontrol or some such s/w to manage content.

At the moment there is no budget, this is just an idea for a service to offer, along with web-based mail scanning & online backups. What I'm looking for is a package of solutions/services that i can offer to my clients that will deal with their high-priority issues, (backups, AV/Spam & web access management). Developing a web-based solution means I can manage it very easily, (at least in theory)

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re : web-based proxy server???

by vidya_najla In reply to web-based proxy server???

you should try clarkconnect, this is a one of linux.
It's powerfull and easy to use.

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