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web based rts game -updated -edited

By Jaqui ·

kind of addictive if you ask me.

and if anyone wants to check it out, specify server 112 and state of Tuscany
sign up for the free membership, THERE IS NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL, login, but close browser tab / window right away, login again and select to choose a server, pick server 112, click play now button. you will be able to chose the State during the game loading sequence, pick Tuscany. ]

get the embassy built.
[ build cottage, uplevel it to 2, uplevel town hall to 2, build one each resource collection facility { city tab on game screen } build embassy.

Send me mail in game [ my name is the same as here. :) ] when you start, and I can send an invitation so when the embassy is built, it's there and you only have to accept it to be in the Alliance.

[ change flag quest, pick Maxx ]
I have set up on there now, and started an alliance for TR members, called TR.

alliance TR will be merging with Alliance Max2 friday, mail Jaqui2 for an invitation to the Max2 alliance.

the alliances are good things, gives you stuff that helps with the game.

and I've had the luck to chat with some players who have been on evony since they were only beta testing it. learned lots of tips, that can be shared in r/t chat in the alliance.
[ little tip, don't chat in world channel other than for the quest ]

Alliance name, because of limitations in the game: TR

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Am I allowed to enter this game of yours?

Though the ads for the game dissuaded me from trying it myself earlier, I might give it a try since you recommended it.

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of course,

by Jaqui In reply to Am I allowed to enter thi ...

other than the daily reset / bugfix and flash ui, it's a well done app.

and the evony staff were really upset at some of the adds the players put out.
they asked the players to advertise, but didn't expect the method and ad content.

it will take me about another hour to have the alliance set up for TR members, and not sure what name restrictions will make me use for it.

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I'll probably try tomorrow,

as I'm going to attempt to finish my last assignment of this semester (other than final exams) tonight.

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Not my thing, but

by CharlieSpencer In reply to web based rts game -updat ...

it's always good to hear from you.

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yeah I know it isn't your thing

by Jaqui In reply to Not my thing, but

I just figured, why not put it out for everyone, since it has real time chat in it and we could easily have 100 members who like real time strategy games.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to yeah I know it isn't your ...

I wanted to acknowledge your return, but didn't want to build any expectations that I'd be participating.

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Very slow,

by Jacky Howe In reply to web based rts game -updat ...

but interesting. I'm learning from my mistakes already.

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always starts slow

by Jaqui In reply to Very slow,

it's where the alliance chat comes in handy.
chatting with friends helps pass the time.

and's quick start isn't bad reading.

though they neglect little things, like only build 8 cottages. 1 warehouse.
one of most is all that is allowed.
12 barracks is another good thing.

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It seems that you

by Jacky Howe In reply to always starts slow

can't use another System and logon to the game. I just tried a couple of times but I get a blank screen with this on the bottom

Copyright ?2009 Evony, LLC. All rights reserved.

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yup you can

by Jaqui In reply to It seems that you

that's one of the problems with the flash ui of it.
sometimes it fails to load properly, you just have to reload the page until it does.

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